Wire Nails Are Here to Make Your Minimalist Mani Dreams Come True
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Wire Nails Are Here to Make Your Minimalist Mani Dreams Come True

Hold the phone! Wire nails, wherein manicurists incorporate gold wire into their designs, are a thing and we’re seriously freaking out. (!!!) From French manis to negative space nails, any design can be created thanks to this K-beauty trend. Want to wow your friends the next time you hang for girls’ night? Rock one of these minimalist looks ASAP.

1. French Wire: Forgo the white paint and opt for these pretty beauties instead. They’ll give you the extra length you want without having to actually add acrylics. GENIUS!

2. Negative Space: Accentuate the shape of your pretty digits by placing the wire around each nail. Leave the nail plain or be a trendsetter and use a bold color to make your nails really pop. Either look is gorgeous.

3. Eyes and Lips: New favorite nails? Yes, yes, triple yes! This show-stopping design is a work of art, thanks to its unique design and accented painted nail.

4. Art-Inspired Faces: Don’t know what design to pick? Get a little inspo from the masters by sporting Picasso-approved wire decals. Upgrade this look by incorporating small faces on two (or more!) nails for a fun effect.

5. Wire Cuticles: Let your cuticles shine by placing a few wire pieces secured with a glossy topcoat. Add a few gems or lightning bolts and you’re good to go!

6. Color Play: Why settle for one trend when you can have them all? Power pink? Check. Negative space amazingness? Check. Finish it off with gold wire accents FTW.

7. Artistic: If you’re a maximalist at heart, then you’re going to love this design. Take texture to a whole new level by adding wire to patches of glitter, color and gems. More is more, people!

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