At any Consumer Electronics Show, there’s always a couple of standout products at the convention that get people buzzing — and CES 2016 is no different. Usually, it’s a wearable or something breakthrough tech in transportation, but it’s hardly ever… a thermometer? Withings, who made a name for themselves by crafting truly beautiful wearables, has just released a totally reinvented thermometer they’re calling Thermo ($99) and we kid you not, it is the coolest thermometer we’ve ever laid eyes on.


It uses Withing’s trademarked HotSpot Sensor Technology, which involves 16 independent infrared sensors that takes about 4000 measurements in mere seconds to give you the most accurate possible reading simply by placing it on your temple. According to Withings, it’s “the most sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature.” Plus, aside from recording your temperature, it will actually record different profiles for each member of the family and it syncs via WiFi and Bluetooth. And of course, this is CES so anything that’s displayed here has an app.


The app allows you to customize and share your daily temp with other people in your network. You can also add in different factors like medication, related symptoms and even create a Thermo diary you can share with you doctor. The Thermo is still awaiting FDA approval and is projected to start selling in the spring.

Basically, you should have tossed that suppository thermometer like yesterday.

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