When it comes to wearables, are you Team Ringly or Team Jawbone? In other words, do you like your wearable to integrate seamlessly into your everyday outfits or do you like to have it stand out like sleek eye candy? Well, from the Nike Fuelband to Everykey to Misfit, it’s clear that we all have a wide variety of choices for techy-looking wearables. But we definitely need more wearables that can go with anything and everything in our closets. We obviously loved Rebecca Minkoff’s line of wearables and the MICA Bracelet, but we’re looking for something that doesn’t cost a limb. So we are totally stoked about the latest addition to the list of wearables that are well, wearable: Withings Activité.


Withings had originally planned to release Activité late 2014, but they pushed the date so they could add awesome new features that both the health nut and the timepiece connoisseur will love. Activité combines the beauty of the Helvetica watch with all the great features that everyone is looking for in a wearable. You can start your day off right as your Activité softly wakes you up with its silent vibration alarm clock. As you sit up in bed, you can check out the Health Mate app (Free on iOS and Android) to review your sleep analysis.


This wearable is partnered with your phone through BLE so its eight-month battery life won’t drain nearly as fast as your smartphone might. When it does come time to change that long-lasting battery, you won’t have to search the universe, looking for the tiniest screwdriver in the world. Activité provides the tool you need.


Activité also has the essential fitness tracking functions such as a pedometer, a running tracker and a swimming tracker. That’s right, Activité may not look like it’s waterproof, but you can take your laps freely and even go diving up to 165 feet. You can track your fitness progress on the Health Mate app where you will get health tips that are catered to your goals and progress. Want to know how you’re doing without touching your phone? The smaller dial in the watch face tracks your progress on your step goals for that day. Pretty cool, huh?


Our favorite feature is how the time on your wearable will always be correct as long as it remains connected to your phone. So you don’t need to freak out when you forgot to change the time for daylight savings, and you no longer need to rely on your phone when you’re traveling between time zones. A neat added bonus is that you can easily check what time you set your alarm to. Just double tap the face, and the dials will automatically spin to your set alarm time then revert back to the current time.


The Swiss made wearable is currently only iOS compatible, but the Android compatibility will be finished some time next month. If this is just the smartwatch you were waiting for, enter your email address on Withings website to get notified when it comes out. The higher end Activité with the leather band rings in at $450, while the colorful, silicone banded Activité Pop is only $150. Needless to say, take our email addresses and our money, Withings.

What do you think about wearables that work into your everyday outfits? What’s your favorite feature about the Activité? Talk to us in the comments!