Every workplace has a different stance on what makes up the ideal work uniform. At certain jobs, a power suit might be your on-the-clock second skin, while at other offices, you might be alarmed if your co-workers showed up in anything other than a tee and jeans (no one ever said a #Girlboss can鈥檛 crush it in cozy attire). Here at Brit + Co, there鈥檚 no official dress code, but like everything else we do here, we let creativity inspire our on-duty outfits. It鈥檚 a fun common thread that yields very different (and very inspiring) looks 鈥 think: bold pops of color, patterns on patterns and, in a lot of cases, both in one getup.

Since we鈥檝e never known a gal to turn down work week style inspo, we asked nine women from Brit + Co to show off their favorite work outfits and give us an inside scoop on how they do desk-to-dinner style like the girl-on-the-go pros we are. Read below to find out what a day at the office looks like for these women in tech, what pieces they pull out for major meetings and what office style hacks they swear by.

Brit Morin, Founder + CEO


How has the growth of your company affected your everyday office style?

鈥淣ot at all! I鈥檓 not one to believe that your style has to change just because more people work alongside you.鈥


Since your schedule can vary from board meeting to power lunch to public appearance in the same day, what鈥檚 your strategy for planning your outfits? Spill on the style hacks that can make going from point A to point B easier + just as stylish.

鈥淭he answer: layers! Sometimes I鈥檒l wear a cropped tank and skinny jeans for a quick photo shoot, toss a blazer on top for business meetings during the day, then exchange the blazer for a chic leather jacket and heels for going out at night. My favorite crop top/tank right now is this ruffled crop by Rebecca Minkoff. It sits somewhere in between the edginess of Nasty Gal and the cuteness of Kate Spade, and looks great with a maxi skirt or a pair of jeans.鈥

What do you wear to your most important meetings?

鈥淚鈥檓 a big fan of chambray button-ups from J.Crew or Anthropologie. (Seriously, can we talk about Anthro鈥檚 brand, cloth+stone? Because it鈥檚 the BEST. Their tops are so soft!) I tend to buy different colors, tuck them in to a colorful pair of skinny jeans, and toss on either a colorful belt or statement necklace. That way, I鈥檓 still colorful, but very polished and ready for business.鈥

Nicole Emanuel, CFO


What are your favorite places to shop for budget-friendly office clothing?

鈥淢y top three are Zara, Rue La La and J. Crew.鈥


What鈥檚 one work piece you should always splurge on? What鈥檚 one piece you should always buy cheap?

鈥淎lways splurge on a cool blazer (I love my BB Dakota Black leather trim blazer). When you鈥檙e trying to save a few bucks, find a less expensive statement necklace. An eye-catching 鈥 and inexpensive 鈥 accessory is a dope way to dress up any outfit.鈥

What do you wear to your most important meetings?

鈥淭ypically a blazer, cashmere sweater or blouse, jeans and nice shoes, like my Dolce & Gabbana hand painted Mary Janes to add a badass touch.鈥

Demetra Airaudi, Vice President, Communications


What鈥檚 your version of the 鈥淧R Girl鈥 uniform? Is it drastically different in Cali/Silicon Valley?

鈥淢y version of the 鈥楶R Girl鈥 uniform consists of skinnies, a silk Equipment shirt, one piece of killer statement jewelry, a moto jacket and booties. Cali work attire is much more laid back and causal than, say, New York, especially in Silicon Valley where many people tend to dress with more of a hipster or bohemian flair or what鈥檚 comfortable.鈥


What鈥檚 the one item you have in your work wardrobe that makes you feel like a #Girlboss?

鈥淭hat would have to be my moto jackets. I have quite the moto jacket collection in all kinds of fabrics, colors, leather and cuts. You can never have too many moto jackets! They are awesome for balancing romantic or preppy. Cropped moto jackets are great for dresses, collarless moto jackets look amazing paired with button ups and then of course you must have a slightly larger one to wear with chunky sweaters. Obsessed is an understatement. ;) They give any #Girlboss a bit of an attitude and edge.

What do you wear to your most important meetings?

鈥淚 usually step it up a bit for more important meetings and throw on black skinnies, a boyfriend or fitted blazer and a funky pair of pumps. Important meetings require more effort in my clothing options that day, but I alway makes sure I鈥檓 comfortable in whatever I am wearing especially if I am presenting.鈥

Kathryn Kuntz, Director, Merchandising


Name a recent discovery that鈥檚 been the most game-changing piece in your office wardrobe.

鈥淢y wedding band! I work hard because I am passionate about my job, but my ring is different form of inspiration that I draw on constantly. It also goes with everything.鈥


What do you wear to meet a maker to potentially bring on board?

鈥淚鈥檓 frequently walking a show, so comfortable shoes are a must. But when I am meeting makers, I鈥檓 also representing Brit + Co, so I love wearing happy colors and patterns.鈥

What鈥檚 the one item you have in your work wardrobe that makes you feel like a #Girlboss?

鈥淚鈥檓 obsessed with these coral suede sling-backs that have bows on the heel strap.鈥

Lisa Raphael, Editorial Director


Which celebs do you look to for work outfit inspo?

鈥淚 used to think I had to hide (and definitely not accentuate) curves when it came to office attire, but that鈥檚 pretty lame. Now I really admire someone who can balance dressing for her bod, showing off her personal aesthetic without conforming too much to any style 鈥榬ules鈥 and still look like a boss. Honestly? Kim K (probably with Kanye鈥檚 styling help) and Khloe, possibly even Kylie, can nail this.鈥


What are the latest style trends you鈥檝e incorporated into your 9-to-5 wardrobe?

鈥淪hh, but I鈥檝e been playing with how to incorporate crop tops into my work wardrobe. We have a super creative office and are in California so the rules are bendable. Plus, I think there are some pretty classy ways to do the crop top at the office right now. Oh, and of course, my Ringly <3鈥

What do you wear to interview a celeb or attend a major conference?

鈥淚 loooove a good jumpsuit. It鈥檚 the easiest way to let your inner Beyonc茅 show. I鈥檒l either wear a look from my one-piece vault or a dress with a fun pair of heels or an accessory with a story (like a statement necklace from travels) 鈥 a conversation piece is always a good thing to wear when you鈥檙e hanging with celebs because they鈥檙e not immune to compliments and can appreciate something unique they haven鈥檛 seen before. That鈥檚 a very weird but true pro tip.鈥

Cecelia Cox, Head of Marketing


What are some ways to make sure your clothing is saying the right thing about who you are as a professional?

鈥淚 like really comfortable and casual pieces, which don鈥檛 always seem to go hand in hand with dressing as a professional. That said, you can glam up almost *any* outfit with a rockin鈥 pair of heels and an awesome lip color. So whenever I go 鈥榗omfy casual鈥 I always wear a red lip and fun shoes. PS: I got this style tip straight from Sophia Bush :)鈥

What do you wear to major networking events?

鈥淚鈥檓 a J.Crew girl at heart and networking events are no exception. I have a couple of J.Crew blazers and silk blouses that I love. Plus I鈥檓 always stalking the J.Crew Looks We Love page to find new pieces and the latest trends.鈥


What style hashtag do you pull most work inspo from?

鈥淲hen it comes to style, I鈥檓 much more of a Pinterest girl than a Instagram girl. Pinterest can be the best way to inspire new life into the clothes already in your closet. Sometimes I鈥檒l search 鈥榞ray sweater鈥 just to get fresh ideas of how to style it.鈥

Anjelika Temple, Creative Director


Give your tips for putting together a *more* creative work outfit in the morning.

鈥淚鈥檓 a big fan of the personal uniform trend. For some, this is taken super literally. For me, it鈥檚 a mix of about three uniforms, and most pieces that make them up can mix and match with one another. I think the way to stay creative while keeping your mornings simple (and short!) is to choose one hero piece each day. This can be a red lip, galaxy print leggings, a Clashist tee, etc. Not every single thing you wear needs to make a serious statement 鈥 remember that fashion is fun!鈥


How do you incorporate color/patterns/your personality into your office style?

鈥淚 love getting dressed for work. I think this is because I work with 50 badass babes. Everyone takes note of each other鈥檚 style-related nuances and tends to give a lot of props when you step just an inch out of your fashion comfort zone. Okay but that is not answering this question so鈥 here goes. I wear a LOT of patterns. I like super intricate patterns, graphic patterns, floral patterns and leopard print. Color, patterns and my personality honestly feel like one in the same when it comes to my office style. I like finding unique pieces that no one else has and I love mixing patterns in weird ways that magically work.鈥

What do you wear to meet other makers on your Maker Walkabouts?

鈥淚 typically wear something super colorful, fun and comfortable. Patterns are a personal obsession of mine that goes pretty deep, so I like to wear patterned dresses. I do consider the maker I鈥檓 meeting, what I know about their personal style and how I can sort of 鈥榤atch鈥 them. That sounds weirder than it is. For example, if I know I鈥檓 doing a studio visit and the maker has super minimalist style, I don鈥檛 want to show up wearing every color under the sun to the point that they wonder who this story is about. You know? But I鈥檝e also gotta stay true to my own style so I make my outfit decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Most recently I was in LA and did four interviews in one day. I planned out what outfit to wear with each person and carried them around in my purse all day 鈥 and changed in between each one!鈥

Emily Smith, President and GM of Media


How does LA office style differ from SF office style?

鈥淪F has major cultural priorities around creativity and innovation and you see that expressed in women鈥檚 clothing choices. Way less trendy and more style-diverse, eclectic, individual.鈥


How do you incorporate color/patterns/your personality into your office style?

鈥淢y sister-in-law once told me that her rule of thumb for work is to always have a few bold choices in your work outfit every day. Meaning, if you鈥檙e wearing jeans and a simple blouse, then punch it up with a big necklace, red lipstick and maybe some funky shoes. You can pick two or three interesting or eye-catching items, then dial back on everything else.鈥

What do you wear to your most important meetings?

鈥淚 love a good pair of heels, probably because I have always wanted to be tall. My colleague once called me a 鈥榮ecret small鈥 because everyone assumes I am much taller!鈥

Carrie Kelly,聽Brand Partnerships


What are ways you like to leave a lasting impression with your office style?

鈥淚t鈥檚 all about the shoes 鈥 my ultimate accessory. Shoes don鈥檛 have to 鈥榤atch鈥 鈥 I love wearing colorful statement shoes to make an outfit more playful.鈥


What do you wear to meet with a potential client?

鈥淚 try to keep my style for meeting with clients the same as what I wear to the office. Same rules, as in, most importantly, be comfortable and polished. And be true to who you are. Some of my go-to get-ups include skinny pants with a loose sweater, a dress (*with* pockets) and ankle boots or flats and jeans with a button down and statement necklace. Oh, and jumpsuits!!!

Give your style tips for appearing confident without looking too corporate.

鈥淲ear clothes that are comfortable but polished, mix and match timeless pieces with what鈥檚 on trend and always dress up on days you鈥檙e feeling off or not so hot.鈥

What on-duty style tips do you swear by? Share them with us in the comments below.