Millennial women today are stressed. From navigating the wage gap to trying to figure out the world of online dating apps, sometimes it鈥檚 all just too much. But what if we told you stress can actually be good for you AND good for your career? It鈥檚 all about perspective, we suppose. And now, a new study shows that millennial women are actually choosing to be stressed. Yep, you read that right.

Young woman stressed out

Researchers at KRC Research partnered with Secret to figure out whether millennial women are settling with a low-stress life or reaching for the stars and accepting the higher stress levels that come with that. They surveyed 500 women in the United States and Canada ages 18-34, and what they found was that 74 percent of millennial women would rather face stress than settle for a life that鈥檚 less than what they want. In other words 鈥 we鈥檙e a generation of #girlbosses.

The study was done as part of Secret鈥檚 new #StressTest ad campaign. 鈥淭his is a great opportunity for us to support each other in our collective plight with honest and real stories about the stress we feel as young women today and the challenges we all have to confront,鈥 said Zosia Mamet, the actress (of Girls fame!) who鈥檚 partnering with Secret for the campaign, in a news release. 鈥淭here are so many issues that millennial women face; it鈥檚 important that we speak up and lean on one another to conquer those stressful moments together, challenge what鈥檚 possible and hopefully inspire new cultural norms in the process.

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