It’s a known fact that being too stressed out is crazy bad for our health. Anything that is going to keep you up at night or cause you to binge eat an entire pizza can’t exactly be a good thing. But a new study released on ResearchGate claims a little stress could actually be good for your career. The psychologists behind the study monitored the most stressed out people they could think of: law students waiting for their bar exam results. By having the students take surveys every two weeks during the four-month waiting period, they were able to gage their stress levels, how that played into how well they coped and how it affected them when they finally got the results of their exam.


The study shows that the people who were totally stressed out and preoccupied with wondering if they passed the bar or not actually fared better when the news eventually came — good or bad. If they passed, they were more excited than the people who weren’t stressed out. And if they failed, they had more productive ideas of what they were going to do next.

The lesson here is not that you should become more or less stressed. It’s about looking on the bright side if you are someone prone to stress out over, say, anything. Bottom line, stress or no stress: everything will be okay.

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