Every trendy dessert needs to pass the creme brûlée torch to the next It Bite eventually. Being dethroned from your tummy-rumbling reign isn’t all that bad — just ask cupcakes. It’s not like we NEVER eat them anymore, it’s just that we’re not about to wait in line at Magnolia’s for them reciting lines from Sex and the City, K? The cronut has had a good run, but there’s a new combo sweet that’s about to steal its powdered sugar spotlight — the WONUT.

It’s a waffle donut hybrid now being ironed and fried up at Chicago’s Waffles Cafe. The Wonut currently comes in vanilla, chocolate or red velvet and starts out like a thicker version of your traditional brunch buddy. While it has the bod of a waffle, it has the heart of a cakey, fluffy donut.

After they’re out of the waffle iron, Wonuts are deep fried in vegetable shortening and it’s time for toppings. Donut-style, some are dipped, some are iced, others are glazed, dusted with sugar or sprinkled with edible confetti.

We’re dreaming for the sugar-glazed red velvet.

This guy is clearly looking to be boxed up by the dozen for every office birthday party in the area.

Japanese matcha powder, candied pistachios and ginger make up the green tea Wonut.

If you’re feeling fancy, the Mexican chocolate Wonut has spicy cocoa on the inside and is decorated with candied orange peel and dark chocolate shavings.

Wonut even comes in a healty(ish) variety. This whole wheat version has toasted marshmallow glaze, granola and dried fruit.

With the right batter, your favorite toppings, a waffle iron and a pan, you could mix up a batch at home in lieu of hopping on the next flight to Chi/Wonut-Town. This might be the DIY (or WIY, Wonut It Ourselves) recipe hack of our dessert dreams.

Sean Cooley has pictures of each and every greasy-good batter-to-topping step over on Thrillist. Sold. We’ll take a dozen.

This begs the question: What two treats will combine next?! Dream big below.

(Photos + h/t: Thrillist)