Halloween is one of our favorite events (in case you hadn’t noticed). We can’t wait to get the candy coma started with lots of pumpkin carving, silly games and trick or treating. Most of us can’t even wait till Halloween night to start wearing our costumes, but sometimes those outfits don’t scream “work appropriate.” If your office is dedicating a dress-up day to celebrate, you’re gonna want to wear something that’s playful (punny, even), fairly modest (so leave the sexy carrot costume at home) and comfortable enough for you to get all your work done. Here are 15 DIY costumes that won’t make HR think twice.

1. Easy DIY Sushi Costume: Not only is this little costume easy to make and adorable to wear, but it basically makes you your office’s unofficial lunch mascot. Is it noon yet? (via LaurDIY)

2. Frida Kahlo: Channel your inner artist and dig through your closet for some bright colors and long skirts. If you’re feeling brave, embrace the unibrow and put a monkey on your shoulder for the complete look. (via The House That Lars Built)

3. Zombie Secretary: Spilled some coffee on that go-to button down? Cover it up with a more Halloween-appropriate stain and be scary pretty with some dark eyeshadow and a blood red lip. Just like that, a perfect at-work costume is born. (via Brit + Co)

4. Spider Web: Go super subtle and forget the costume altogether. Instead, make this fabulous little cobweb that brings just the right amount of scary into your work day. (via Delia Creates)

5. Mary Poppins: Tie a red ribbon around your neck and glue some flowers into a bowler hat for a simple and classy costume option. Even if it doesn’t look like rain, grab an umbrella for extra character. (via Say Yes)

6. Leather Cat Ears: A cat costume doesn’t have to be scandalous! Just whip up some cute leather ears. But you’re gonna need to apply a next-level cat eye to be in the running for Best Office Costume. (via Gina Michele)

7. Lucille Ball: Who doesn’t love Lucy?? Pull your hair up in a retro bun and then top off the look with a bandana and a solid red lipstick. (via Freckled Fox)

8. Ice Cream Cone: This costume even involves a pencil skirt, making it perfect for the office. Plus that sprinkle shirt is cute enough to wear even when it’s not Halloween. (via Studio DIY)

9. Ashley Olsen: Sometimes it’s just one of those mornings, so pull it off gracefully with a wig to hide your morning hair and pile on some chunky sweaters for a classic Olsen twin costume that is still comfortable. (via Brit + Co)

10. Pineapple Costume: Talk about wow factor! If you’ve got a yellow dress, you are already halfway there, and that hilarious hat is easy to make. (via Studio DIY)

11. Rosie the Riveter: Dress as the original #girlboss this Friday and you’ll wish you wore this getup for every meeting. (via Brit + Co)

12. Swan Dress: Pretend you’re at the Oscars with this fanciest of costumes. Take advantage of Halloween and use it as an excuse to wear heaps of tulle to work. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. LED Headbands: Get into the Halloween spirit without going overboard with a DIY LED headband. Cat ears, crown or a spirited message will do the trick and get you a couple treats along the way. (via Brit + Co)

14. Queen of Everything: Be ruler of the office for a day with a silly crown and some solid shoulder pads. (via Brit + Co)

15. Modern Carrie Bradshaw: Love Carrie but don’t want to wear a cropped top to the office? How about a warmer look with a cozy sweater! (via The Wardrobe Coinnesseur)

How do you celebrate Halloween at your office? Talk to us in the comments below!