Show us your best Halloween costumes (from the past!) and you’ve got a chance to win $250 to the B+C Shop! That’s right, it’s October, and here at Brit + Co, our office has transformed into a full-on Halloween HQ. We are all itching for October 31st to arrive, and we are having a hard time keeping our DIY Halloween Costume ideas TOP SECRET. Ugh… can we just dress up already?!

It’s not just us though, right?! We bet you are JUST as eager. Thus, we want to invite YOU to get into the Halloween spirit, and submit your own Halloween creations from years past for a chance to win some super sweet prizes. So start practicing your poses — this contest has your name written all over it.

This contest is now closed.

To enter, simply press the button above and upload a photo. It’s as simple as that! You can enter photos from all of your past Halloweens.

All of us here at Brit HQ will pick the top 3 winners. The grand prize winner will receive $250 buckaroos, and our two runners- up will get Brit Kits! And yes, photos of costumes you make for your kids totally count! :)

The contest runs through 11:59 PM PST on October 30th, 2014.

So go ahead and start digging through those old Halloween photos from last year. We cannot wait to see how creative you were!

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And in the meantime, please relish in the awesomeness of Brit + Co’s very own 2013 costumes…

1. The Ultimate Showdown: Superman versus ’80s Birthday Girl. Who will win?

2. It’s Wayne’s World: Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth. 

3. Forrest Gump: I’m Lieutenant Dan Taylor. Welcome to Fort Platoon.

4. Jump! Tony the Tiger and the Energizer Bunny make the best of friends.

5. Ladybug Bulldog: How adorable is our old office dog Nellie? Move back to SF!

6. Anchorman: I’m Ron Burgundy? (Who typed a question mark in this post?)

7. Treasure Troll: Misty makes the ULTIMATE treasure troll. Oh, baby!

8. Taylor Swift: Cecelia dressed up as Taylor Swift and her many, many, many, many boyfriends.

9. Superheroes: Superman and Wonder Woman save the day. Also, Mike used a pipe cleaner to keep his tie a-flowin’. Talk about a DIY hack!

10. The gang is all here: Sahil makes an incredibly convincing Jack Sparrow. Look out!

11. Bear Attack: AHH! Aaron really took his Halloween costume to the next level with this epic bear suit.

12. Anna Winter: Our very own Brit dressed up as Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour.

13. ’80s Birthday Girl and Her Pinata: Our Creative Director Anj really took her character seriously.

14. Brit + Co Team: Can’t you tell how much we LOVE Halloween?

What are you most excited about this Halloween? What’s your favorite Halloween costume? Trick or treat? Holla back and let us know! Happy haunting!