28 Ridiculously Punny Halloween Costumes
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28 Ridiculously Punny Halloween Costumes

As hardcore word nerds, puns are a pretty essential part of the everyday here at Brit HQ. We cheer when someone makes what is unfairly referred to as a “dad joke,” we battle over who gets to use which eggcellent pun during Easter and we are always on the hunt for the punniest costume for Halloween. Enter, the Internet, our bestie-for-life and an endless source of inspiration on the costume front.

So, for those of you like to keep it clever, here are 28 pun-tastic costumes to inspire this year’s inevitable hilarity.

1. Anna Winter: First up, our very own Brit Morin donned this take on a wintery Anna Wintour at last year’s Brit + Co Halloween party. Fake snow and an ice cold attitude is a must. (via Brit + Co)

2. Cereal Killer: This one is a classic, and one that’s easy to create at the last minute. (via Cosmopolitan)

3. Pot Head: Ah-mazing. We’ve seen a bunch of takes on the pot head idea but this is definitely our favorite. And she actually looks cute! (via DuelDesignShop on Etsy)

4. Pup Fiction: These pups will most definitely take a Royale with Cheese. (via reddit user cjm2301)

5. Hawaiian Punch: How ’bout a nice Hawaiian punch? This punny couples costume is part Hula Girl, part Rocky Balboa. (via Brit + Co)

6. Radiohead: Genius. Everything is certainly in its right place when it comes to this costume. (via Money Side of Life)

7. Blue Ivy: Our girl Kelly apologizes for the low quality iPhone photos, but this hilarious Blue Ivy costume is too good not to include. (via @kellaybryden)

8. French Kiss: Channel your inner Gene Simmons and grab a baguette, glass of wine and a cigarette. Done and done. (via imgur user jlesk)

9. Bun in the Oven: Maternity costume FTW! Dress your bump up as an actual bun in the oven. (via Brit + Co)

10. Pig in a Blanket: Feel like wearing pajamas this Halloween? Get yourself a pig onesie like this and call yourself a pig in a blanket. (via Pajamas Buy)

11. Spice Girls: Though we’re all about bringing back Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger, go the clever route and simply dress up as your favorite spices. (via Brit + Co)

12. Freudian Slip: To mimic this last minute costume, attach words like libido, oral fixation, id, ego and penis envy to a slip of your choice. (via Lookbook)

13. Deviled Egg: This one is a hit for all ages. (via Domino)

14. Nickelback: Okay, we know that this photo doesn’t do this costume justice but it’s just so… brilliant. Nickels on your back = NICKELBACK. It’s the worst and the best all at the same time. (via @jessicazoe21 on Instagram)

15. Mackerelmore: Genius. Just, genius. (via imgur user wakytobacky)

16. Velocirapper: That’s right. Dinosaurs and rappers CAN be besties for life. (via Atomic Brawl)

17. Chip on Your Shoulder: Like… an actual CHIP on your shoulder. So good. (via DuelDesignShop on Etsy)

18. Dunkin’ Donuts: Basketball uniforms? Check. Donut floats? Check. The only thing that would make this better would be if you got a group of friends to be Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and the rest of the Bulls in their glory days. #TBT + pun = Halloween costume WIN. (via Huffington Post)

19. Ceiling Fan: You really are your ceiling’s number one fan. (via reddit user MaReCh)

20. Play-Doh Plato: This play on words is impressive. (via Buzzfeed)

21. Dust Bunny: So you kind of want to be a Playboy bunny this year but feel like it might be a copout? Add a little dust to your scene and you’re all set! (via Mr. Kate)

22. Iron Man: WHAT. Yesss! This is the best. Have we said that already…? ;) (via My Disguises)

23. Firefox: Okay fine this one isn’t exactly a PUN by definition, but it fits the word play angle. Plus, Internet throwbacks are always A+ in our book. (via nayukim on Flickr)

24. Party Animals: Go the Breakfast at Tiffany’s route with this take on party animals. (via Brit + Co)

25. One Night Stand: First of all, please look at the name of the blog this photo came from. Second, this costume actually rules. (via Total Frat Move)

26. Florence and the Machine: Your laundry days are overrrrrr. (via Brain Magazine)

27. Horn Dog: The dude’s expression in the photo on the right? Priceless. (via DuelDesignShop on Etsy)

28. Bee Arthur: Finally, a snapshot from a past Halloween episode of New Girl because BEE ARTHUR is just that good. (via New Girl on Fox

What clever or punny costumes have you worn or seen? Share past photos or ideas with us in the comments below.