Getting your sweat on is always more fun with a friend. The easiest way to do it is to log some miles together, but if you’re not in love with the idea of running, it can be anything but enjoyable. Even if you’re a running pro (complete with cute, colorful running shoes, obvi), it’s good to mix up your routine every now and then. There are lots of other ways to get your daily dose of endorphins, along with some quality BFF time. Can you say “multitasking?” Keep reading for our five fave ways to work out with a buddy.

women partner workout gym medicine ball

1. Crush a partner WOD. Even if you’re not into CrossFit, there are lots of “workouts of the day” you can do with a friend that make getting your heart rate up a little more interesting. There are even some moves that are way more convenient to do with another person, like a medicine ball toss. If you’re doing them alone, you have to go pick up the ball every time you throw it, ugh. But with a partner, it’s 100 times easier (and more fun). Just search “partner WOD generator” and you’ll find all the options your heart desires.

2. Hit up a spin class. With the plethora of super fun cycling classes to choose from (loud music and charismatic instructors included), they’re a great option for social sweating, since they feel almost like a night out. We especially love team-oriented classes like Swerve Fitness in NYC, where you compete against other riders. Make sure you and your pal are on the same team, or spice it up and compete against each other.

acro yoga park

3. Try out acro yoga. Acro yoga is an awesome way to test your strength and try something new. Plus it provides some major bonding time, since you have to work together to make the poses happen. Added bonus: If you snap some pics during the class, you’ll have some seriously great material for Instagram afterward. If these high-flying poses sound a little too adventurous, try a partner yoga class, where you gently help each other deepen into poses — without any risk of falling.

4. Splurge on a trainer. Personal trainers can be expensive, but many of them offer “small group” rates, meaning you can split the price of a session for just one person between two or three people. The personalized attention and instruction are totally worth it, and you’ll be free to chat as much as you want throughout the session — in between sets, that is!

Women Playing Soccer

5. Join a team together. Many cities have leagues like Zog Sports, which organizes local teams that play against each other in various sports like dodgeball, ultimate frisbee and soccer. It’s usually a once-a-week commitment, and if you and your bestie are looking to meet new people, spend some QT together and work out all at the same time, a league is a great option.

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