By now, we鈥檝e grown accustomed to the fact that chain restaurants overseas are NOT quite what we鈥檙e used to in the good old US of A 鈥 McDonald鈥檚, for instance, offered its China patrons bright green Angry Birds burgers, with gravy fries for our friends in Australia, while Krispy Kreme Japan gave its customers a taste of watermelon-chocolate donuts.


The latest restaurant using its international consumers as guinea pigs? Domino鈥檚 India, which is now offering 鈥 get this 鈥 burger pizza.

With little fanfare or explanation required (鈥淟ooks like a burger, tastes like a pizza鈥 is the slogan), Dominos is seemingly relying on its WTF factor to attract its Indian clientele 鈥 that and word of mouth, which it鈥檚 getting plenty of, as can be seen from the Tweets below:

But how does it taste? While hype for this hybrid concoction is up, reviews are mixed. @kunalkalra88 says it鈥檚 great鈥

While @tweet2_ravi says not so much.

WHICH IS IT, GUYS? Since we can鈥檛 taste this oddity ourselves without one heck of a plane ride, we鈥檙e gonna鈥 need you to get on the same page with this one and come to a swift and judicial verdict! We鈥檙e more than a little curious, and you鈥檙e our only hope.

Would you try a burger pizza if it were to come to the States? Let us know over @BritandCo!

(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Dominos India)