It’s pretty hard — if not downright impossible — to predict what Kanye West will be up to from one day to the next. The last we heard, he was supposedly taking time off while recovering from his recent hospital stay (though, honestly, this doesn’t sound like the rest he needs), but then Kanye turned up somewhere totally unexpected this morning: Trump Tower. He was there to meet with the President-Elect himself, and fans and foes are definitely unsure about this latest move by Yeezy.

Kanye and Trump

As soon as Kanye showed up at Trump Tower with his security entourage in tow, the cameras started snapping and updates about the visit started flooding social media.

When Kanye showed up and headed straight to the elevators, Trump was there to shake his hand and pose for the cameras. When Trump was asked what they were discussing, his answer was, “Life.” Um, okay.

When West was asked questions, he continued to smile (kinda weirdly) and said he just wanted to take a picture. Um, okay.

Whatever his reason for being there, folks are not impressed (for plenty of reasons)…

Will we be hearing that Kanye’s been added to Trump’s team next? You never know these days.

Or perhaps a performance?


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(Photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)