The YotaPhone is the next generation of the hairstyle we know and love and also hate: a business in the front, party in the back Android with two totally different screens. It’s a celebration like you’re used to on one side with a 5-inch, color AMOLED display. Flip it over, and there’s a more demure, Kindle-like 4.7 inch electronic paper display on the other.

Sooo… why? Is YotaPhone a Gemini or something? Nope, it’s just a smartphone that puts the multiscreen in multitasking. It allows you to use your phone easily everywhere, in any light and gives you the option to organize alerts and apps like you might use a second screen on your work computer.

With YotaPhone around, you would probably find yourself neglecting Kindle. Thanks to its dual screens, you can thumb through your books in e-ink and flip to the LCD side to read corresponding footnotes for each page.

If you’re still skeptical, the device’s battery situation might bring you over to the dark-and-light side. The electronic paper display takes up a lot less juice so you can use it for text-based activities like e-reading and viewing and responding to messages to let your phone stay charged for days. The last info you had up on your EPD will still be visible if your phone dies. Think: your phone is helping you map your way to a friend’s new place but the battery runs out. The directions will stay up on the screen even if you forgot to charge Yota up before heading out.

We did mention a party, and YotaPhone brings some fun functions to its smartphone soiree, like flashing “Smile for the Camera!” on the ink side while you snap a pretty pic of your friends with the other.

YotaPhone is currently only available overseas and rings in at 499 euros (about $685 over here) so you’ll have to save up and wait to get it stateside if you want a double-sided cell.

What do you think of Yotaphone? Would you make this your next smartphone?