Let’s be honest. As much as we’re in love with new technology, the average e-reader just doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of style. So go ahead. Dote on your gadget a bit more with a case that’s protective and pretty. We’ve rounded up 21 kindle covers so cool, you’ll actually feel good about that whole “judging a book by its cover” thing (bring it on!). Now the only thing left to do is free up some time this weekend for a new ebook or two (alongside a box of Chinese take-out, of course!)

1. Garden Party Paperwhite ($45): A pretty kindle case for a pretty lady. Channel your feminine side with this visually stunning garden party case. (Just in time for spring!)

2. Elegant Girly Red Floral and Lace Union Jack Flag ($48): Love it or hate it (we love it!), the Union Jack is definitely trending. Carry this chic and bold case to show off your fascination with all things British.

3. A Simple Slip: Simple says it all. A couple pieces of bright fabric and a few sewing skills are all it takes to whip this case together. (via Charm Stitch)

4. Classic Novel ($25): These gorgeously designed covers are minimally designed after all your favorite books. The classics never go out of style… and neither will this case.

5. DIY Harry Potter: No matter if you’re on Team Harry or Team Ron, we’ve got your Kindle covered. (via Practically Functional)

6. Dot Tutorial: There’s nothing like modern technology… except that sometimes it can be so plain and boring to look at. Add some color and a personal touch to your own DIY cover with this tutorial. (via Dobleufa)

7. Quilted Zippy Pouch: These quilted pieces aren’t your gram’s pattern. (via Charm Stitch)

8. Handmade Felt Animal ($51): Whimsical meets modern to rock the world of Kindle covers. Think cute creatures, terrific textures, and streamlined design. Plus, the slim shoulder strap transforms your case into a messenger bag. Hands free!

9. DIY from Cork and a T-Shirt: Here’s one for the true creatives. A piece of cork board and your old favorite tee come together beautifully in this cleverly crafted case. (via Creme de la Craft)

10. Solar Lighted Cover ($30): An innovative case that is actually solar-powered! The bright LED reading light found in most versions can run up to 50 hours without tapping into the Kindle’s battery reserves.

11. San Francisco Skin ($20): So eclectic. So whimsical. So California. We heart it!

12. Slipped Stitch Kindle Cozy Pattern: Ah, winter. It’s been a cold one. While we confess we’re starting to dream of spring, we’re still in love with all things cozy. Hey, this could double as a hand warmer! (via Inspired)

13. Bicycle ($49): We’re almost as obsessed with this cover as we are with our Kindle. You see, we have a thing for bikes, bike accessories, and all things bike in general. Just roll with it.

14. Red Friesian($50): According to Chinese New Year and some fashionistas, 2014 has been denoted the year of the horse. Giddy up and get ready to dazzle with this equine piece.

15. DIY Kindle Case: One clever crafter used scraps of leather from a thrifted leather jacket to create this stylish Kindle cozy. A button closure wraps it up nicely. (via Delia Creates)

16. Dog Needlepoint Kindle Case ($8): Sweet pup! If your thing is furry friends, check out this needlepoint hound case. Bonus: You can opt to have it monogrammed.

17. Kindle Cover Tutorial: If you’re looking for a soft fabric cover, try this tutorial. It can be completed start to finish in 45 minutes tops. (via Whipstitch)

18. DIY Case from a Bubble Mailer Envelope: Whoa. So stylish. Can you believe that this stylish clutch-style case is actually crafted from an ordinary bubble mailer envelope? It’s true! This version was sized to suit an iPad, but you can craft a smaller style for your Kindle. (via Creme de la Craft)

19. Felt Toast Bread ($32): The bread and butter of all Kindle covers.

20. Wizard of Oz Book Handbag and eReader Cover ($175): The magic of a hardback book is converted. Very clever. (And won’t your old English Lit teacher be proud?)

21. NeverEnding ($59): Atreyuuuuuu!

Hey all—fill us in! Which cover are you dying to buy or DIY? Let us know in the comments below!