Injuries and chronic pain are two of the BIGGEST bummers when it comes to training for one of the coolest races in the world, having finally hit your groove in the free-weights area at the gym or completing a hardcore new circuit training workout. Though coming back from tough times definitely isn’t easy, we rounded up seven amazing YouTube videos that you can stream from anywhere to strengthen your bod after a handful of common injuries. In just a few minutes each day, you can start to ease the pain and become stronger than you were yesterday. Get it, girl!


1. Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for Those Recovering from an Ankle Injury: Sprained ankles happen pretty often, but don’t let yours get you down. With the right amount of rest and easy strengthening exercises like the ones this vid perfectly demonstrates, you’ll be back on course in no time. (via FlexWell)


2. Six Exercises to Strengthen Your Back: Lower back pain is super common, especially for those of us who sit alllll day long. Whether you have a specific injury or general soreness that’s holding you back, these easy yoga exercises will help you stretch and strengthen. (via POPSUGARFitness)


3. Shoulder Strengthening Exercises With Dr. Jo: It’s crazy to think about how often you use your shoulders, and it’s not usually obvious until you’re suffering from pain. To fix what you’re feeling, snap up a lightweight resistance band and stream this easy-to-follow short video. (via AskDrJo)


4. How to Strengthen a Broken Elbow: Though this amazing video is for a broken elbow, it’ll work wonders for sore and fatigued elbows too. Only a minute long, it boasts a few key strengthening exercises that promise to increase your range of motion. Serena Williams would be proud. (via LIVESTRONG.COM)


5. Hip Stretches for Pain Relief: Tight hip flexors? General hip pain? Try these straightforward pigeon stretches from Asha, a charismatic and soothing yogi. Designed to open up your hips, the series of stretches will increase your flexibility while easing your pain and helping you become even stronger. (via Yoga House)


6. Strengthening Your Wrist With Yoga: Learn proper arm alignment from yogis who know exactly how to keep your wrists safe and strong. Though these specific, short exercises are designed for yoga poses, they’ll feel amazing on your hands. An added bonus: Strong wrists will help you prevent future injuries too. (via eHowFitness)


7. Pilates for Knees: Did you know that knee pain is deeply connected to your pelvis and hips? Neither did we! In this smart vid, Jessica works to strengthen several body parts at once, all of which will help minimize existing pain while improving the strength in your knees. A longer vid, this 12-minute session will also shape your thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes for overall body balance and stability. (via Jessica Valant Pilates)

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