If you’re feeling anxious every time you sit down at your desk, it might not just be a case of the Monday blues. Piles of paperwork, loose Post-its and that cluster of coffee mugs you’ve been collecting all day might be sending out subconscious visual cues that are stressing you out. Whether or not you believe in “good vibes,” you’ll agree that certain workspaces just feel more productive than others. If you’re ready to give your workspace a boost of positivity, check out these finds that might make your work week a little less stressful.

1. DIY Tea: If the office coffee has you way too wired, maybe it’s time to take a gentler approach to your morning caffeination and try making your own tea. Pick from green, black or herbal tea and then have fun making your own perfect blends. But don’t be surprised when your co-workers start making requests.

2. Air Plant Holders: Sometimes there just isn’t room on the desk for a big potted plant or vase of fresh flowers, but having something alive in your workspace can actually make you more productive. Air plants are so low maintenance, you can literally just mount them on your bulletin board and revel in your green thumb.

3. Good Vibes Poster ($19): Make it clear from the start that no one is allowed to bring you down today. Even if you can’t stop the office gossip, at least you can feast your eyes on some stylish typography.

4. Week’s Work Notepad ($20): Writing lists has a certain therapeutic quality, and having everything laid out for the week is a good way to stay organized. Nothing destroys those zen feelings faster than realizing you forgot a due date.

5. Wooden Door Blessing ($48- $78): Hang it on the wall or drape it on your desk for some naturally cool vibes. Made out of raw wooden beads and a stylish tassel, you might even be tempted to wear it as a statement necklace.

6. Candles ($24): The simple ritual act of lighting a candle at the beginning of the day can set your workspace on the right track. That’s especially true when they smell as good as these fresh-produce scents like radish and citrus cilantro.

7. Incense ($8): This one might not fly if you work in a co-working space or cubicle, but if you have your own office, watching the smoke spiral away can be incredibly relaxing.

8. Enchanted Forest Coloring Book ($10): It seems like just about everyone and their mom has jumped on the coloring book trend, and for good reason. Some studies suggest that coloring makes you happier, more productive and less stressed. Take on a page during your lunch break.

9. Gem Poster: Since not all of us have access to piles of gemstones to keep on our desk, why not print off this (free!) poster to bring about the creativity of the opal and the memory-boosting power of pyrite.

10. Jasmine and Sandalwood Body Cream ($18): Office life can be tough on skin. Whether you’re sitting right under the air conditioning or just not drinking enough water, your hands can start to feel parched. The scent of sandalwood is grounding and the jasmine will help lighten your spirits.

11. Comfort Mist ($24): If you can’t burn candles or incense in your office, go for a refreshing room mist that definitely won’t offend anyone. This blend of calming essential oils will make you feel at home when you have to force yourself to be productive.

12. But First… Coffee Mug ($22): You can burn candles and play with zen beads all day, but nothing cheers us up faster than a good cup of coffee.

13. Campfire Cologne Sacred Sage ($15): It’s not just for vampires anymore. Sage supposedly has a cleansing effect on negative vibes, so use it whenever you feel overwhelmed or to want to neutralize stagnant energy that collects in your cubicle.

14. Gem and Mineral 2016 Calendar ($28): Start off the new year organized and brimming with positive energies. The best part about this calendar? You can tear off your favorite pages and use them as 8″ x 10″ prints.

15. Concrete Lamp Kit ($79): Good lighting can make a huge difference in your mood. If you work under fluorescent lights all day, you know how depressing it can be. Perk up your workspace with this rad gem lamp made out of trendy concrete.

16. Free Motivational Printable: Messy bun = creative things are happening. Pick from three bright colors and print off this mini motivation for your desk.

What accessories do you keep in your office to channel “good vibes”? Share your tips for creating a stress-free workspace in the comments below!