When it comes to desks, accessories can be all work and no play. While we do appreciate our sturdy Swingline staplers and a stack of fresh Post-its, we also believe that creativity in any context is a must. If your workspace could use a makeover, consider using rich jewel tones and gem-inspired decor to rev up your cubicle and give those office supplies a boost of color. After all, colors can play a huge part in how you get things done. See below for a few of our faves.

1. Agate Geode Candle Holder ($55): It seems like everywhere we look, agate is a huge part of decor right now. These candle holders could also be purposed as planters, making them ideal for adding a little bit of greenery to your desk.

2. Emerald Pantone Box ($22): Storage boxes are a must for any desk. Add a little emerald pizzaz to your space with this pretty, functional piece.

3. Gem Note Cards ($15): Say thanks, happy birthday and everything in between with these vibrant note cards. Win the thoughtful colleague prize when you give a birthday card with the correct stone to your coworkers. (Bonus: You could also frame these as DIY art!)

4. Notebook Set ($20): Take note: A pretty notebook to jot down tasks will keep your mind moving. You can choose any color you’re in the mood for with this bright and beautiful set.

5. Gold Memo Tray ($39): Diamonds are gems too! If your style is more minimalist, take a little inspo from this rock-solid acrylic and gold tray. It will make that pile of to-dos a bit more stylish and make even the most mundane of tasks feel more exciting.

6. Turquoise Stapler ($14): Add some brightness to your desk with this lovely accessory. Pair with gold staples to make memos more glamorous.

7. Gem and Mineral Calendar ($28): Take jewel tones to new heights with a calendar that highlights them. These prints will tie with a jewel-toned desk perfectly, and the images can be framed later for pretty desktop artwork.

8. Turntable ($77): Crank that work playlist, y’all. This turntable is a peridot shade that can’t be ignored. Have some fun and be productive all at once.

9. Paint Strokes Desk Pad ($12): Give your week at a glance a healthy dose of pretty. This desk pad combines calming colors with productivity to help you get things done.

10. Industrial Task Table Lamp ($79): Shine some light on readings and reports with a cool-colored desk lamp. We’re partial to the sapphire-toned one ;)

11. Slipped-in-Suede Journal ($28): We are loving all things suede right now, so this bright colored hournal is just right. Pick up a few to pretty up your desk and jot all your creative thoughts in.

Do you have a desk motif? Let us know how you style yours in the comments!