Why does college decor so often veer in the direction of cheesy and motivational? You know, those posters depicting kitties “hanging in there” or the shot of the single red rubber duck going against the crowd? Not to worry. Transforming your dorm room into the interior design equivalent of an after-school special is NOT your only option. In fact, some of the newer designs feature typography that’s genuinely cool and will actually inspire you to power through those papers. Read on to peep 15 of our faves.

1. Ron Swanson Wisdom ($20): Because we could all use a little more Ron Swanson in our life. If there is one thing he knows, it’s how to get work done. Or not done.

2. Gold Foil Print ($25): Look at you, just winning at life. Here’s a shiny gold wall print to remind you just how awesome you are.

3. Focus Up ($42): Listen up, all. It’s time to buckle down and focus on the project. Keep in mind that some productivity research says you can only be productive for about two hours at a time. So focus, but focus in sprints.

4. Letters on Love ($26): Positivity only in your dorm room. Remind all your visitors and study partners that they can’t bring you down when they come visit.

5. Find Your Love ($20): If that project makes you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall, take a deep breath, gaze at these mountains and remind yourself you are doing what you love.

6. Letterpress Print Quote ($30): Simple, but powerful. The weight of these words will keep you in a positive state of mind all the way until after exams.

7. Killing It ($26): Worried about that test? You got this.

8. Be Brave ($24): College is fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Keep your spirits up with this pretty print featuring handwriting and pastel peaks.

9. Hustle ($17): It’s all about the hustle. And gold foil, of course.

10. Keep It Up ($29): Keep your chin up and trust that it’s all going to work out. Simple graphics make this poster motivational in the purest sense of the word.

11. Marble Motivation ($12): In today’s world, learning patience can be a true challenge. But it’s okay, because this marble print will stay oh-so stylish no matter how long it takes you.

12. Smart Risks ($16): Good risks, of course. Take an art class you’re not sure about, or join a club to meet new friends. College is a great time to take risks and expand your horizons.

13. Yes, You Are ($10): Surrounding yourself with positive messages will really drill the point home. And although the alarm before your 8am class may never be appreciated, waking up to this self-love note may make early rising just a little bit easier.

14. Definitely, Yes ($20): Graphic, geometric and positive? Yes, indeed. We love the zesty punch of orange and optimistic vibe of this one.

15. Make Lemonade ($24): Well, you got stuck with a teacher you can’t stand. Make the best of your situation and make lemonade out of that bummer class.

What’s your favorite motivational quote? Tell us what you’re hanging in your dorm room in the comments below!