When warmer weather hits, low-cal mixers do a total Pinterest takeover. First there were Kombucha cocktails, then La Croix, then Fresca bevvies. Now the newest *new* thing is Zevia soda. If you haven’t tried it yet, prepare to meet your new fave mixer. These zero-cal beverages are sweetened with stevia and get their gorgeous-in-the-glass color from natural sources, like fruit peels. Pretty, tasty, low-cal, all natural — what’s not to HEART? Here are 11 drink recipes that are fueling the Zevia cocktail frenzy.

1. Sparkling Greyhound Recipe: The original greyhound cocktails were as *skinny* as their namesake, thanks to a pure grapefruit juice mixer. This riff on the original, sweetened with Zevia grapefruit soda, tastes a whole lot sweeter but with even fewer calories. (via Art Social)

2. Double Lime Sparkling Mojito: If you LOVE the muddled-minty deliciousness of a mojito, but not all that sugar, this drink is your jam. (via Hey Modest Marce)

3. Zevia Raspberry Daiquiri: Simple syrups and infusions are a crafty thing, indeed. But when friends drop by unexpectedly, jumpstart your daiquiris with a splash of Zevia, and no one will be the wiser. (via Craft and Cocktails)

4. Blackberry Red Wine Spritzer: With sangria season colliding with swimsuit season, this light spritzer will be your summer go-to drink. (via Random Acts of Pastel)

5. Apple, Cranberry, and Ginger Cocktail: This cocktail mixes notes of apple cider, cranberry, cinnamon, and ginger with the sweet burn of a light rum. It’s one tall cooler that goes down REAAAAL easy. (via Hey Modest Marce)

6. Margarita Ice Cream Float: Zevia Lemon Lime Twist makes a perfect base for a classic margarita. This version is creamy-dreamy, thanks to a scoop of lime sherbert. (via The Cookie Rookie)

7. Strawberry-Limeade Slushee: This virgin cocktail would be absolutely *perf* to serve at a spring baby shower. For guests who are craving something a bit boozier, just toss in a shot of tequila for a delicious low-cal strawberry margarita. (via Random Acts of Pastel)

8. Orange Creamsicle Cocktail: When a classic mimosa cocktail meets bubbly cream soda, you get this boozy creamsicle. It’s in a word: YUM! (via Hey Modest Marce)

9. Adult Dark Cherry Cream Soda: This cocktail is an absolute original. It pairs pure cherry juice with vodka and a cherry garnish for a drink with the perfect balance of tart and sweet. (via The Cookie Rookie)

10. Sparkling Rosemary Bourbon Apple Cider: This cooler tastes just like a whiskey sour, but with half the calories and none of the sugar. The dash of tart apple cider vinegar and rosemary-muddled apple juice pair perfectly with smokey bourbon. (via Kale & Caramel)

11. Zevia Strawberry Cocktail: Strawberry gin + black cherry gin = flavor bomb. Meet your new spring fling! (via Random Acts of Pastel)

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