Between La Croix cocktails to mocktails for the summer, it’s no secret that this fizzy drink is slowly taking over our lives — and we’re definitely not mad about it. There’s just something about these fruit-flavored sippers that keeps us coming back for more (maybe it’s the fact that this tasty soda is ZERO calories!). This summer, immerse yourself in the La Croix over boys movement — yeah, that’s a thing — and let the magic of this guilt-free drink wash over you. You can start by checking out these IG posts that prove La Croix is all the hydration you need (sorry water), and that giving into that #lacroixlife is the answer. Scroll on and check out the Insta posts below to fuel your La Croix obsession.

1. La Croix Rollers: Get the *perf* bouncy curl with your used La Croix cans. Wait, what? Joke or not, the idea of La Croix making its way into our daily beauty routine is just too much to handle.

2. La Croix Planters: Recycle your La Croix cans in a crafty way by turning these skinny drink vessels into your next planter. Just be sure to color coordinate your pretty plants with the design of your La Croix can.

3. La Croix for Pups: Even your pets understand the power of a delicious low-calorie drink. Make La Croix love a family affair by dressing your sweet pups in soda-inspired clothing.

4. Watermelon La Croix: La Croix and summer go hand in hand, kind of like hot weather and watermelons. Whole Foods also seems to be soda obsessed, as seen through their crazy-creative display.

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threadbird swag 🎉

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5. La Croix Tee: La Croix over boys is your mantra this summer. Flaunt your fizzy love from the office to the gym with this straightforward statement top.

6. La Croix Float: You’re not shy when it comes to guzzling down the La Croix in the pool. Sip your passion fruit sparkling drink while you chill in the water with a vibrant and playful flamingo float.

7. Kiddie La Croix: It’s always good to start ’em young. Teach your kiddies the joy of a sugar-free drink by serving up the La Croix all summer long.

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Love @shop_josieb door mats! #whole30 #paleo #lacroix

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8. La Croix Welcome Mat: Nothing says welcome home like a fridge full of La Croix. Give your home decor a playful touch with a mat that reps your low-calorie love. Just beware of neighbors knocking at your door seeking a sip.

9. La Croix Over Water: Let’s be honest: Your summer probably includes a bit of serious drinking. Keep yourself hydrated the tasty way with a cool can of La Croix that kicks water to the curb.

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(f)embroidery #livelacroix

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10. La Croix Embroidery: La Croix plus DIY? Can it get any better? Take a creative approach to your sparkling water love with a swoon-worthy embroidery project.

11. La Croix Fridge: Whether you’re having a party or it’s just a typical Tuesday night, stock your shelves with an over-the-top amount of your fave fizzy soda. A full fridge is a happy fridge, especially if it’s filled with La Croix.

12. La Croix Overload: There’s no such thing as self-control when La Croix is involved. Thank goodness this amount of sparkling water won’t break the bank.

13. La Croix Plant Water: You’ve got a green thumb and an unhealthy obsession with this fruit-infused drink. Give your plants a delicious dose of hydration with a splash or two of flavored La Croix.

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14. La Croix for Pets: Even your dog can’t resist that sweet, sugar-free taste. Now the question is: How can this pup drink out of a can?

15. Overstock on La Croix: Can you have too much La Croix? The answer is NO (duh!). This fruity drink is guilt free in more ways than one. Not only is La Croix calorie-free, but it’s unbelievably cheap.

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