Are you constantly drooling over recipes on Pinterest and all over the blogosphere? We don't blame you… we can't get enough of searching the web for foodie inspiration. But what if there was an easier way to get started on actually making those yummy-looking recipes? ZipList simplifies the grocery shopping step so you can get to work on cooking and baking up a storm!

With ZipList, you can quickly and easily search and save recipes from around the web. You can then add them to your meal planner to keep your upcoming kitchen adventures organized. The ingredients are added to your grocery list which you can access via the app while you’re at the store. All you have to think about? What delicious meal you’re going to try next.

There are a couple other features that really push the site from “cool idea” to a must-use. ZipList recently added a browser button that makes it ridiculously easy to add recipes from Pinterest on to your shopping lists. And let’s talk about those shopping lists: They’re automatically categorized by aisle so that you don’t have to backtrack through the grocery store.

We’re loving the ability to share recipes and shopping lists with family. Instead of calling up your significant other to read him a list over the phone (when, let’s face it, he’ll probably forget to grab at least one item on the list), you can send it his way via ZipList and he’ll have the handy, categorized list right in front of him at the store.

ZipList puts you one step closer to a drool-worthy, internet-inspired feast. What’s your favorite feature? How do you simplify your grocery shopping? Talk to us in the comments below or come find us over on Twitter.