While granny hair had a moment back in 2014, the trendy look has since been replaced with vivid, rainbow alternatives like watercolor hair and opal hair. However, it looks like beauty vlogger Zoella is hoping to give the non-traditional hair color a second life. The 25-year-old took to Twitter today to show off her new look.

Zoella shocked her 4.46 million followers yesterday with this photo that shows her rocking an icy new look AND extensions. Prior to this dramatic makeover, the beauty guru was rocking a shoulder-length cut in an ombréd brown. Could it be a wig? Yes, but we’re kind of hoping it’s not.

If you’re unsure how to rock this color without it aging you 20 years, Zoella does a great of job of showing how to do just that. If you’re going to sport an icy gray, pair it with a fresh face and a colorful lip to evoke a youthful vibe that’ll counteract the natural maturity associated with gray hair. Add in an ombré element, and you can be sure that no one confuses you for your mom – unless your mom looks great for her age and LOVES pink lipstick.

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