We know what you鈥檙e thinking: Haven鈥檛 we reached max capacity on crazy hair color trends yet!? Sorry, but it seems that鈥檚 not quite the case. Last week we brought you the stunning, natural-inspired shade cinnamon swirl hair, but this week we鈥檙e go in a very different direction. Introducing: watercolor hair.

watercolor hair 3

Just like the fundamental art supply, this new hair color technique is characterized by taking those vivid rainbow colors and diluting them down to something a little bit softer. Think opal hair with a few more shades incorporated throughout. If you鈥檙e into the idea of rainbow roots but don鈥檛 necessarily want to be walking around with something like florescent orange locks, this could be the perfect happy medium.

watercolor hair 2

From what we鈥檝e seen on Instagram and from the experts over at Pravana, the looks tends to integrate color into your rainbow locks rather than take it over completely. Whether the color is most vivid at the roots or your ends is up to you.

watercolor hair 1

Considering how fast rainbow-hued dyes tend to fade, we will admit we鈥檙e a little bit wary of how long this would actually last. But hey, all great loves are fleeting, right?

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(Photos via @rossmichaelssalon, Ursula Goff and Pravana)