We joke about there being an app for everything these days. But home decorating? That process still involves a lot of footwork as you trek from furniture store to lighting store, hoping everything will look cohesive once you get it all home. However, the three girls behind Zoom Interiors are trying to change the way we decorate by moving the whole process — from style advice to furniture orders — online. Geared toward recent grads and millennials, Zoom Interiors is an on-demand, completely virtual interior design service that pairs you up with a designer to transform any room of your choosing for whatever budget you have.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Madeline Fraser and Lizzie Grover studied interior design and started their dream company Zoom Interiors while they were still in college. They got the idea for the company while they were studying abroad. As their friends graduated and got their first apartments, the expertise of the three interior designers was in high demand. As they helped their friends set up their homes, the girls discovered that they were able to help them from overseas. They also learned that they could work on tight, post-grad budgets and that the timelines were really short. They realized that this was an open market in the design world and decided to try and make a business out of it.

Millennials are used to doing everything online, and the Zoom team hopes to capitalize on that. Instead of going to a furniture store and sitting on a hundred different couches, their clients prefer to read reviews and personalize their choice from the comfort of their laptop. Not only are they helping out desperate and budget-conscious graduates, but Zoom is also launching a charitable sideline that offers free room makeovers to kids with cancer.

So how does it work? First you get to take a free style test online that establishes what direction you want to go in. After a phone consultation (also free), you’ll pay $200 for a Zoomboard (a concept board to help you visualize your design). You give the designer as much feedback as possible and you get two rounds of revisions to get everything perfect. Once you love your look, they’ll send you a shopping list of all the pieces that would look great in your space. No pressure, though — you’re free to pick and choose what you buy. And once you’re ready, everything is sent straight to you so you can set it up exactly as you imagined it. Like Pinterest come to life, made a little easier. We’re in.

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(Photos via Zoom Interiors)