Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips With These 23 Homemade Lip Scrubs
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Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips With These 23 Homemade Lip Scrubs

We’re all about DIYing when it comes to our beauty products, because it means we can control what we’re putting on our skin (be gone gross chemicals!). And this time, we’re making our very own lip scrubs. Each of these recipes boils down to two components: an exfoliator and a nourishing agent, which are a killer combination for vanquishing chapped lips forever. Warning: You might want to eat some of these 23 delicious homemade lip scrubs, but try to restrain yourself.

1. Flavored Lip Scrub: This recipe couldn’t be easier, and you can customize the flavor with your favorite lip balm. Just combine it with some petroleum jelly and some sugar for instant exfoliating action! (via Queen of All You See)

2. Lemon Lip Scrub: So many awesome, tasty ingredients here. Lemon? Check. Raw sugar? Check. Coconut oil? Check. (via Pink Pistachio)

3. Mint Chocolate Coffee Lip Scrub: Starbucks’ red cup season may still be a few months away, but that’s no reason not to indulge in your favorite flavor combo in lip scrub form! (via Chick Advisor)

4. Homemade Natural Lib Scrub: Can’t choose what kind of sugar to use as your exfoliator? Opt for this recipe that calls for both brown and white, plus honey and olive oil for extra moisture. (via Wonder Forest)

5. Sugar Lip Scrub: Maybe you’re not so big on the taste of olive oil on your lips. No biggie, this options swaps it out for coconut. If you use high quality, unrefined coconut oil, you’ll be singing “Kokomo” in no time. (via Honestly WTF)

6. Brown Sugar + Vanilla Lip Scrub: No, that’s not a step out of your latest cupcake recipe. It’s a simple + sweet combo for gorgeous lips. (via College Fashion)

7. Peppermint Lip Scrub: So you’re into DIYing some beauty products, but you can’t help lamenting the loss of your fave peppermint-y perfection Burt’s Bees. Say no more! Just whip up this baby, which includes some added peppermint essential oil. (via Sarah Di Grazia)


8. Coffee Lip Scrub: As if we needed more coffee in our life … just kidding, we do. (via Little Miss Mama)

9. Berry Exfoliating Lip Scrub: You know this scrub has got to be tasty when one of the ingredients is a strawberry. (via Feathers + Freckles)

10. Pumpkin Pie Edible Lip Scrub: The usual gang’s all here with the addition of pumpkin pie spice. You could wait until next season to whip this scrub up, or you could do it now and get a head start on the epic flavors of autumn. (via Henry Happened)

11. Lime + Honey Homemade Lip Scrub: Put da lime in da coconut and rub it on your lips. (via Petit Elefant)

12. Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub: If you want to get fancy with your scrub, opt for this vanilla + peppermint option. It calls for evaporated cane juice sugar, vanilla oil in jojoba and peppermint oil. (via Designed by Dawn Nicole)

13. Sugar Lip Scrubs: Really, we’re giving you six recipes in one here. Choose from rosemary peppermint, orange clove honey, cinnamon sugar, pumpkin spice, maple almond or vanilla cranberry for all your lip scrubbing needs. (via Brit + Co)

14. Aspirin Lip Scrub: We know the aspirin sounds a little suspect, but aspirin is an acetyl derivative of salicylic acid, which works with the sugar for some intense exfoliating action. (via Beautylish)

15. Husband-Approved Edible Fruit + Sugar Lip Scrub: It’s all natural, it tastes good and you can change the color or flavor with the addition of different fruits. Basically, it’s a slam dunk. Er, and it’s also husband-approved if you have one of those. (via How Does She?)

16. Honey + Cinnamon Lip Scrub: Sweet is well and good most of the time, but sometimes you need a little spice in your life. When that time arrives, reach for this cinnamon scrub. (via The Hippy Homemaker)

17. Exfoliating Kisser Scub: Here’s another fancy option for the veteran home skincare guru or an ambitious newbie. It calls for beeswax, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, white sugar and buttercream flavoring. A bit more intense than most of these recipes, but the extra effort will be worth it. (via Soap Queen)

18. Salt Lip Scrub: Yes, salt. With some sugar, of course — it’s one of our fave flavor combos and the finer salt grains give a gentler exfoliation. (via Rouge Imaginaire)

19. Creamy Lip Scrub for Sensitive Skin: We feel you, sensitive-skinned sisters. Choose this scrub, which is a combo of yogurt, milk and coarsely ground oats, for a non-irritating option. (via The Dalaga Project)

20. Edible Ginger Snap Lip Scrub: Cornmeal and maple syrup are unique additions to this recipe, but we’re not complaining since we love us some ginger. (via Poppytalk)

21. Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub: By now we’ve had lots of experience with coconut oil lip scrubs, so we’re very excited to try a coconut sugar one. (via Nutrition Stripped)

22. Honey Almond Shea Lip Scrub: It’s about time shea butter made an appearance on this list, considering it’s such a fab moisturizer. Combine it with honey and almond extract for a delicately flavored scrub. (via The Beauty Milk)

23. Tangerine Brown Sugar Lip Scrub: And to top us off, a final hit of citrus. We’ll take two tangerine scrubs, please! (via A Cozy Kitchen)

How do you combat the chapped lip blues? Have any homemade lip scrubs made an appearance in your cosmetic drawer yet? Tell us about them in the comments below.