Remember being a kid and how getting mail was one of the greatest joys in life? Your parents would check in the mailbox and, in the midst of bills and coupons, find an envelope addressed to you. Would it be a party invitation or a letter from a friend who moved away? The possibilities were endless, but always good. In today鈥檚 digital age, people don鈥檛 send as much mail as they used to, but that doesn鈥檛 mean the fun of giving and getting mail has ended.


Mail has always and will always be awesome. Getting exciting mail doesn鈥檛 have to be a distant childhood memory. There鈥檚 lots of reasons why we should send more letters and cards. We teamed up with Studio Ink to put together a list of the best reasons why snail mail is the best mail. Let鈥檚 get to it!


1. Sending mail will surprise and delight people. Part of adulting means getting mail in the form of bills and coupons. Boring! Surprise someone by sending a handwritten note to liven up their mailbox.


2. Letters are keepsakes. Unlike the typical email or text, people tend to actually keep physical letters and cards. Your good wishes will probably be remembered and cherished for years.


3. You can practice your lettering. Use mail as a way to pick up (or practice) lettering! Practice makes perfect, so send lots and lots of beautifully hand-lettered notes!


4. Letters show more care and value than just a text. It鈥檚 really easy to type a message on your phone and hit 鈥淪end.鈥 It takes more time and care to write a note to send to someone, and they鈥檒l feel that.


5. You can get creative with your mail. Treat your card and envelope as a blank canvas. Whether you鈥檙e adding glitter, watercolor, confetti or stickers to your mail, there鈥檚 lots of opportunities to go crazy and have fun! Remember to keep the address legible though. :)


6. You can send letters to and from anywhere. You can send mail pretty easily in most countries and it鈥檚 a tiny act that鈥檒l let your faraway friends know you鈥檙e thinking about them. Mail is the best souvenir, hands down.


7. You鈥檒l probably get a letter back. Sending a letter or card will probably prompt the receiver to send something back鈥 thus starting a beautiful letter exchange.


8. It鈥檚 a small, inexpensive gesture that goes a long way. Cards generally cost only a few dollars and mailing them costs even less. Making someone smile doesn鈥檛 always have to cost a lot 鈥 send some mail!


9. You鈥檒l stand out. One tried-and-true job interview tip is to follow up with a thank you email. Make yourself stand out from the other interviewees by sending a physical thank you card. Not interviewing for jobs at the moment? Wish someone 鈥淗appy Birthday鈥 with a card instead of writing on her Facebook wall to make her feel extra special.


10. Because people have loved letters since鈥 forever. People have been exchanging letters for nearly all of history and the joy of giving and receiving mail endures. Mail makes people happy in a different way than texts and emails. Brighten someone鈥檚 day by sending them mail.


Mail has my stamp of approval.

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