Whether it's a purple sequined relic from the late 80s, an olive-green cargo jam from the 90s, or a bold bodycon number from right now, the perfect mini skirt is a timeless closet essential.

For today's 10 Ways to Style exploration, we decided to revive an old burnt orange mini with a handful of 10 gorgeous, playful, and totally wearable looks. Turn it into a mini pencil skirt with help from a thick belt, use it as a layer underneath a sheer tunic or top, or pull it all the way up and wear it as a tube top!

If you've got an item in your closet that seems to be gathering dust, let us know. We might just use it as inspiration for the next installment of this fun style series!

1. Fiery Founder

First up, we've got a fiery twist on the classic summer work outfit. Give your mini a little extra length by pairing it with a thick belt, preferably one with a little bit of color. For Brit's top, we've got a loose cotton striped blouse giving it the look a summery seersucker effect. Finally the piece de resistance, a fire orange silk blazer. Get it girl!

2. Florals & Lace
 To channel an early 60s summer aesthetic, throw your hair into a loose low bun or faux bob. Then take a sheer button down sleeveless top, add a gorgeous scarf and you're good to go. The see-through look is definitely all over the place right now but we still recommend wearing a subtle nude bra or camisole underneath whatever lacy sheer goodness you've got going on.

3. Neon Stripes
 Bought a sort of cropped sort of loose-fitting striped shirt recently? These short in the front long in the back numbers are tough to figure out unless you're heading to the beach and rocking a bare midriff. We recommend grabbing a waffle-knit neon long sleeve (or tank) to wear underneath. Finish the look off with a pair of black booties.

4. Bold Business Babe

As you may have figured out, we're all about looks that work in as many situations as possible. This one is a perfect example of something that works for lunch with mom, a meeting with your investors, and out on the town until the wee hours of the morn!

5. Hypercolor Hippie
 While we love muted earth tones for channeling our inner flower child, sometimes its nice to blast our bohemian sensibilities with a shot of neon! For this look, we turned our mini into a tube top, tucked it into a beach dress, and finished the whole thing off with a bright lime green neon belt.

6. Napa Chic
 Being based in San Francisco, summer weekends are often spent wandering vineyards in wine country tasting all sorts of delicious varietals. Sometimes a vineyard will be super casual, with folks congregating on lawns all over the place. But sometimes they can be super fancy with private cellars and the whole nine yards. This outfit is perfect for both ends of the spectrum, and will keep you cool and confident no matter how tipsy you get. ;)

7. Edgy Bookworm
 Add a pair of hipster glasses and this look is right at home in Brooklyn, the Mission, or Portland. This is a fun romantic look, perfect for a summer night or fall afternoon. The socks are what really take it to the next level, creating a two-tone pretend ankle boot. So fun!

8. Urban Cowgirl
 Yep. That crazy pattern on Brit's leggings is actually a series of sassy cut-outs! This is most certainly a bold move and one that is absolutely perfect for a music festival. Keep those legs covered but cool. Wear comfy boots and a handkerchief halter and rock your inner urban cowgirl.

9. Soft Rich Hues
 That's right. Bold neon color block hues can be soft too! This gorgeous sweater is airy enough for summer and looks extra playful tied up over a super bright neon top. Keep the hairstyle soft and simple so the focus is all on the color.

10. Vintage Varsity

This is where you bust out those old jerseys or baseball tees that belonged to your bro or boyfriend, stretch out the neck a little bit and throw on your sneaks. This is a super comfy outfit perfect for a baseball game, bbq, or even a game of touch football.

Still can't get enough of this scrunched sock laced heel combo! How do you rock your favorite mini? Let us know your style ideas in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.