We鈥檒l try coffee in just about any form, even chewables or a caffeine-absorbing bracelet. So when we heard that there are actual people who travel the world looking for the next trendy cup of joe, we immediately had to start Instagram planning our next globetrotting adventure. Here are 11 coffee shops we would LOVE to center our next vacay around.

1. Pantone Caf茅 in Monaco: This Instagram-friendly caf茅 is #GOALS. With an expansive menu including delicious grub and delectable coffee, this stunning Monacan paradise has definitely inspired a little (okay, a substantial amount of) pre-planning for our next trip to the French Riveria鈥

2. The Original Starbucks Store in Seattle, Washington: We love a good PSL as much as the next lady, which is why we can鈥檛 resist heading down to hip Seattle for a cheeky grande cup at the iconic flagship store.

Ready for Monday.

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3. Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, California: This artisanal coffee shop prides itself on selling coffee made from beans within 48 hours out of the roaster. A delicious assortment of blends and flavor notes, java addicts everywhere can鈥檛 get enough of this adorable shop (including their free brew class every Wednesday at 1pm). Plus, you鈥檒l get to sip your cup sunny side in beautiful California.


4. Hogwarts Caf茅 in Islamabad, Pakistan: We have been fangirling relentlessly since we heard that there鈥檚 an actual Hogwarts Caf茅 in Pakistan 鈥 so much so that we鈥檝e even considered booking a trip just for it. Accio java!

5. Craft Caf茅 in Paris, France: It鈥檚 hard to imagine finding a sub-par coffee house in Paris, but this chic caf茅 is definitely trending at the moment. With an elevated monotone atmosphere and an impressive selection of coffee, you won鈥檛 mind spending a few extra bucks to enjoy a good caffeine high in this not-so-humble abode.

The last cupping.

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6. The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark: With a dream to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in such a way that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers worldwide, there鈥檚 absolutely nothing we don鈥檛 love about this roaster and caf茅. Denmark, here we come!

7. Caf茅 Tortoni in Buenos Aries, Argentina: This world-famous caf茅 is touted as being the oldest in Argentina, and tourists from around the world flock here for a delicious cup of coffee. With the interiors like something from an old movie, you鈥檒l want to sit back and enjoy this lively atmosphere all evening long.

8. Kaffeine in London, England: London has no shortage of amazing coffee shops, and while Kaffeine is relatively new to the scene, it鈥檚 definitely making a splash in the java world. An Australian-style caf茅 that focuses simply on excellent coffee, it鈥檚 definitely worthy of a trip to see the Queen 鈥 okay, and maybe a prince or two.

9. Verve Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles, California: The beans are roasted and the coffee鈥檚 made in Santa Cruz, and this trendy caf茅 is all the rage with local professionals. With seven locations scattered around Los Angeles (and one in Japan!), you just might have to hop on a tour bus and find each one on your next vacay.

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10. Blue Copper Coffee Room in Salt Lake City, Utah: Located in the central ninth district, Blue Copper Coffee is a relatively new roasting company that is definitely making our java senses tingle. They work directly with partners in Colombia and Nicaragua and serve some of the best coffee you can get鈥 on the lighter side.


11. The Coffee Fox in Savannah, Georgia: Look out, coffee addicts in downtown Savannah: This pour-over coffee locale just might become your next hangout. With graphic deco, amazing brews and a chill vibe, we can already see ourselves settling in for a tasty YouTube binging session.

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