Now “wearing your caffeine” refers to more than just when you spill your coffee all over your work outfit. If you love the sweet, life-giving gift of caffeine but hate the taste of coffee (or if it rots your stomach! Ouch!), then the Joule is your new must-have accessory. Pop this bracelet beside your Fitbit and you’ll be absorbing caffeine right through your skin. Whaaa?! For real!

Joule caffeine bracelet 1

That’s right, the new Joule caffeine bracelet is not unlike a nicotine patch, but instead of hits of nic, you get hits of energy. Currently in its crowdfunding phase, the creators claim the accessory offers “all the positives of your coffee or energy drink with none of the negatives.”

So how much punch can a little bracelet pack? Apparently one patch contains the same amount of caffeine as a medium cuppa joe, but instead of chugging all at once or sipping slowly, the Joule allows you to absorb the caffeine over four hours, prolonging your energy high and helping you avoid the nasty crash.

Joule caffeine bracelet 3

There are apparently some drawbacks such as the fact that the caffeine will hit your system sooner when absorbed through the skin and the caffeine may seem stronger since it doesn’t have to go through your digestive system. These are drawbacks? Um, okay.

A Joule starter kit will cost you $29 on Indiegogo, about as much as a single Monday’s worth of Starbucks. You can donate to the company’s crowdfunding page to help bring it to shelves (and your wrist) by this July.

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(h/t Mental Floss; photo via Joule)