You love hosting. You're on top of getting those Pretzel Pops, Mac and Cheese Muffins, and Mini Deep Dish Pizzas piping hot and ready for consumption. You even had a couple Candy Cocktails before your guests arrived. But what did you forget? Your tablescape! Not officially a word but one that gets tossed around here on a more-than-daily basis, the way your set your table is what really brings a dinner party together. Lucky for you, we've rounded up 12 practical & pretty placemats that'll surely kick that tablescape up to 11.

1. Paint Chip Placemat ($18): Paint chips as placemats? We love it! These little darlings display paint colors in English and French, and are perfect for the Francophile, color lover, and designer alike.

2. Perforated Roll of Cotton Placemats + Napkins ($28): Throwing a party and not quite sure how many placemats and napkins you're gonna need? Grab this roll and improvise. The material itself can be laundered at least 6 times, and is biodegradable.

3. Retro Cafe Placemats ($20): Fancy your kitchen a French cafe from the 50s? Then you'll definitely want to stock your home with a pad of these paper placemats. We love the idea of using these for a big event, and maybe coming up with complementary tablecloths.

4. Record Placemats – Set of 2 ($14): Music lovers, worry not. These are simply silicone likenesses of records, and are even dishwasher-friendly. "And when you serve fish, make sure to crank the bass." WOW.

5. Pressed Dahlia Placemats – Set of 2 ($20): It's officially May Flowers season! Add a little floral-meets-design whimsy to your table with these gorgeous cut-outs.

6. Chalkboard Placemat ($16): One of the best things about going to restaurants as a kid is getting handed a paper placemat and a pack of crayons. Bring that joy home with this sweet chalkboard placemat. And, if you want to make your dinner party feel a little fancier, write the menu on everyone's placemat before they arrive. Each pack includes one placemat, four pieces of chalk and an eraser.

7. Round Wooden Placemats – Set of 2 ($26): Farm to table, for real. We love these wooden slabs for placemats, hors d'oeuvres trays, etc.

8. Popmat Paper Placemats ($26): Inspired by children's pop-up books, these whimsical paper placemats truly add another dimension to your table. Great for a birthday party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, there's room to write names, table numbers, whatever you like.

9. Double Sided Frosty Dew Placemat ($45): This gorgeous textile placemat is made to order by the skilled makers at Satsku Shibuya. Each placemat is reversible and printed with soy & water-based inks.

10. Tasty Placemats – Set of 4 ($54): Do you like it salty, sour, spicy or sweet? We love all four! And we love the typography on these playful mats.

11. Vinyl Lace Placemats ($2): Similar to the dahlias but made out of vinyl, these lace placemats are great for a night of romantic dining. Bonus points for doubling as awesome sun print stencils and photo backdrops.

12. Cheat Sheet Placemat – Set of 2 ($26): Keep everything properly in place with a pair of cheat sheet placemats. Mimicking blueprints with the utmost of manners, these would make even your stuffy etiquette teacher (you had one, right?) proud.

How do you bring a little more color to the dinner table? Send your tablescape ideas our way by leaving a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. Happy Hosting!