Weeknights are busy and it’s tough to schedule the time to cook a homemade meal. Don’t sacrifice taste for convenience! You don’t have to rely on less-than-appetizing store bought frozen meals or ridiculously unhealthy takeout and delivery options. These 12 make-ahead meals are great to cook on the weekend and then freeze for quick dinners throughout the week.

1. Pizza: Frozen pizza is a classic for a reason. But instead of going with the convenient but not particularly tasty store bought variety, opt for this homemade version. (Recipe and photo: America’s Test Kitchen Feed)


Pork Dumplings

: These little guys are perfectly portioned out so you can heat one up for a snack or several up for a quick dinner.

(Recipe and photo: Take it and Like it)


Thai Peanut Noodles

: This homemade dish is so, so much better than takeout. Nuke it and dig in to this flavorful ethnic-inspired dish.

(Recipe and photo: Once a Month Mom)



: We all know calzones are pizza’s cuter cousin. Here’s a yummy way to make your own, freeze them, and heat ‘em up whenever you get a craving.

(Recipe and photo: The Kitchn)


Baked Shrimp Scampi

: Just because something’s easy to make doesn’t mean it has to be plain. This shrimp scampi is the perfect way to add a little bit of excitement to a quick dinner.

(Recipe and photo: What’s Cookin, Chicago?)


Burritos with Cilantro-Lime Rice

: Nothing says “quick dinner” quite like heating up a frozen burrito. Show off your creativity by using this recipe as a base and personalizing it to your taste.

(Recipe and photo: Of Soup and Love)


Butternut Squash Whole-Wheat Mac and Cheese

: A healthy take on a traditional comfort food, this mac and cheese is a must for making and freezing to heat up on cozy fall nights.

(Recipe and photo: Simple Bites)


Baked Chicken Penne

: This creamy pasta complete with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms is sure to be a hit with the family or any unexpected guests.

(Recipe and photo: Our Best Bites)


Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

: This dish is a healthy and quick option for a dinner or appetizer. Grab seconds: it’s easy and guilt-free!

(Recipe and photo: The Yummy Life)


Stuffed Green Peppers

: We’re loving this fun preparation of a filling dinner. Already portioned out, just grab, heat, and eat.

(Recipe and photo: Add a Pinch)


Bagel Bites

: Does anyone else remember the deliciousness of Bagel Bites, those little microwaveable pizza bagels? This is basically the homemade version of that. Channel your childhood and grab them for a super-quick dinner.

(Recipe and photo: Food.com)


Lasagna Cupcakes

: Lasagna is a super freezer-friendly food… when you’re cooking for a large family. But when you’re cooking for just one or two, it doesn’t make sense to heat up a whole lasagna. Lasagna cupcakes to the rescue! These are the best savory use of muffin tins since our

Mac and Cheese Muffins


(Recipe and photo: Quick Dish)

Do you have a favorite freezer-friendly recipe? How do you eat well on a busy schedule? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.