Hosting over the holidays is a costly to-do, which is why it’s handy to have a few budget-friendly tablescapes at your fingertips. Since your dinner table is the perfect combo of everything that’s good about the holidays (lookin’ at you, delish holiday food and beautiful tabletop decor). Here are 20 beautiful ideas for a festive, inexpensive and damn chic tabletop that your guests won’t be able to Instagram fast enough. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re welcome. Go ahead and show Mom how it’s done.

DIY Paper Monstera Leaves Thanksgiving Centerpiece

1. DIY Paper Monstera Leaves: Maple leaves might be all the rage right now, so why not take your table in a different direction? Bring your love of summer colors to the table (ha!) with these gorg monstera leaves. Use a cricut machine to turn the paper monstera leaves into stickers, or just pull out your scissors and craft glue to pull off the look. (via Damask Love)

DIY Pumpkin Votives Thanksgiving Centerpiece

2. DIY Pumpkin Votives: You can put these mini pumpkin votives together in less than 20 minutes. These fast and festive candles are just the right size to dress up your coffee table or dining table. Group a bunch together in a tray for a pretty little vignette. (via Francois et Moi)

DIY Rainbow Taper Candle Holder Thanksgiving Centerpiece

3. DIY Rainbow Taper Candle Holder: Seriously, how stunning is this lineup of taper candles?? The best part about this project is that you can totally customize the color palette: Looking for a look that’s a bit more autumn-inspired? Stick to orange, sage green and gold taper candles. (via Sugar & Cloth)

DIY Peppy Pumpkins Thanksgiving Centerpiece

4. DIY Peppy Pumpkins: Buh-bye orange and red — it’s all about these poppin’ colors. Use dollar store pumpkins for this easy centerpiece, and copy this pretty arrangement by setting them up at different levels along the table or mantel. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

DIY Fall Floral Arrangement Thanksgiving Centerpiece

5. DIY Fall Floral Arrangement: When in doubt, go with flowers. There’s no better way to combine all your favorite fall shades than with a beautiful arrangement of blush pink roses, red maple leaves and pretty berries. Follow this tutorial to get ideas on what flowers to put together to really nail your floral centerpiece. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Chic Table Setting Thanksgiving Centerpiece

6. Chic Table Setting: Sometimes the quickest path to a chic centerpiece is keeping things monochromatic. White taper candles, white candlesticks and bud vases of white flowers don’t cost much to pull together, but the resulting look is totes Instagram-worthy. (via Minted)

DIY Color-Wrapped Wheat Thanksgiving Centerpiece

7. DIY Color-Wrapped Wheat: Give those classic wheat stalks a modern makeover with nothing more than a quick wrap of embroidery thread. Put one giant bunch in the table as a fun centerpiece and use a few shortened pieces to decorate place settings. (via Inspired by Charm)

DIY Washi Tape Candle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

8. DIY Washi Tape Candle Centerpiece: Washi tape comes through in a big way with this super easy DIY. Dress up dollar store pillar candles with a few strips of tape for a totally unique centerpiece. The best part is that you can switch up the tape to go along with any party theme. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

Fall-Inspired Tabletop Thanksgiving Centerpiece

9. Fall-Inspired Tabletop: Skip the expensive tablecloth and go for a few yards of inexpensive white linen instead. Take a tip from this elegant centerpiece and use several vases of varying heights, rather than just one giant bouquet. The end result is elegant and much easier to talk over. (via Design Love Fest)

DIY Apple Candles Thanksgiving Centerpiece

10. DIY Apple Candles: If you want to really get *lit* with a fall-themed table, skip the flowers altogether and round up a crate of apples. Arrange the apple votives by color and line them up #ombrestyle down the center of the table with a few wood slice platters to add interest. (via Little Green Notebook)


11. Lantern Display: Turns out lanterns aren’t just for candles anymore. Fill up one or two lanterns with mini pumpkins for a stylish centerpiece that’s a breeze to pull together. (via Celebrate)


12. DIY Copper Wrapped Candles: The best DIY is one that you can make with stuff you already own and in under 10 minutes. Wrap up plain flameless LED candles with copper foil tape for a modern and festive look for fall. Pair them with white pumpkins and greenery from your yard for a totally affordable centerpiece. (via Design Improvised)


13. DIY Candle Holder: Head outside and pick up some free decor for this easy project. Pinecones and leaves are effortless decorations that look lovely as-is or dressed up with some spray paint. Use wooden cheese boards or a serving tray as the base for a low-lying centerpiece, then add pinecones, budget florals, candles or whatever seasonal items for a chic tablescape. (via Ela Bella World)


14. Feather Centerpiece: Feathers can go total boho-chic or modern and minimal, depending on how you style them. Rich brown pheasant feathers look stunning with an all-white table setting like this one. Mini white pumpkins and faux wood vases are a beautiful way to bring in a touch of nature without going totally rustic. (via Domino)


15. DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Centerpiece: Pick up the pumpkins and florals from the dollar store and the only real cost here is a can of spray paint. Paint the pumpkins any color you like, then carve out the top to create an adorable mini centerpiece for next to nothing. (via Val Event Gal)


16. DIY Fall Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece: Spring for the real thing and use a variety of mini pumpkins and gourds to put together this arrangement. Break up one splurge-worthy bouquet and spread it out to make a gorg look without spending a fortune. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


17. Neutral and Copper Fall Centerpiece: Instead of hanging that seasonal banner on the wall or over the mantel, use it as part of your centerpiece. Group together pumpkins, a bouquet of cotton branches and copper mule mugs for an elegant look that can stay up all the way through Thanksgiving. (via Liz Marie Blog)


18. DIY Monstera Centerpiece: Pinterest’s favorite tropical leaves don’t have to go away just because summer is over. Give Monstera leaves a fall makeover with a dash of copper or gold spray paint for a unique take on a leaf centerpiece. Use a light touch with the spray paint to get a copper-kissed look and let the green leaf shine through. (via Domino)


19. DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece: Obviously, you can never go wrong with pumpkins, especially when there’s a trendy mix of metallics and hot pinks. If you’re looking for a non-floral centerpiece that actually looks good, collect a variety of pumpkins, pick a color scheme and arrange them right down the middle of your table. DONE. (via A Practical Wedding)


20. DIY Color Dipped Bud Vase Centerpiece: Overlook the spring colors here: You can follow this tutorial to dip bud vases in whatever fall color palette your table is rocking this year. Grab a few bottles and a handful of wildflowers to create a colorful centerpiece. Don’t forget to save little buds to add to place settings as well. (via Brit + Co)

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