As 2016 comes to a close, there are definitely some wedding trends that, to be frank, should STAY in 2016. The beauty about weddings is that they are ever-evolving and some trends just don鈥檛 stand the test of time. What once was charming and picture-perfect is now overdone and cheesy. So we got the scoop of what trends to avoid in 2017, straight from our favorite wedding pros 鈥 Sara Fried of Fete Nashville, Antonia Christianson of Antonia Christianson Events, Marina Birch of Birch Design Studio and the gals at Gather Events.


1. Anything 鈥淩ustic鈥: It鈥檚 time to finally bid adieu to 鈥渕ason jars, burlap and anything 鈥榬ustic'鈥 says Antonia. This overdone trend has been a hit for years and 鈥渟hould have been gone in 2015 (or possibly earlier), but it is holding on TIGHT in some parts of the country,鈥 according to Antonia. But if the rustic vibe resonates with you, there are creative ways to spice up the trend while still staying true to what you love. The Gather Events gals suggest bringing in 鈥渟ome mid-century modern furniture to class up [the look].鈥 (via Dear Peal Flowers)


2. Farm Tables: 鈥淲e had a great run with farm tables of all colors and various runners, but I am so excited for all the new linens coming out 鈥 from organic, natural linens to metallic sequins鈥 so much fun!鈥 says Sara. The options are endless when it comes to linens, and with so many luxe options, it鈥檚 easy to transform your reception space to new glamorous levels. (via Perpixel Photography / Style Me Pretty)


3. The Candy Bar: While this sounds like a fun and cute idea, most of the time, there鈥檚 a ton of candy left over that鈥檒l just go to waste. Sara is 鈥渆xcited to see the next trend in sweets,鈥 like the Gather gals鈥 favorite: 鈥渁 churro cart!鈥 (via Happy Wedd)


4. Traditional Menu: It鈥檚 time to step up the traditional wedding menu. Sara suggests 鈥渕ixing it up with different courses, new variations on traditional first courses like charcuterie platters and even cold soups!鈥 (via Ashley Batz / Apartment 34)


5. Garland: These have just been plain overdone in recent years! For a similar look with a more modern appeal, 鈥淭ry a variety of smaller vessels filled with greenery and blooms scattered down the center of your tablescape,鈥 suggests Sara. (via Stehlik Photography / Andrea Layne Floral Design)


6. Flower Crowns: As pretty as the boho bride look is, it鈥檚 finally time for brides to retire the flower crown. There are so many alternative, pretty ways to achieve the boho look, like with headpieces and crystal crowns. The gals at Gather believe there鈥檚 a way to 鈥渟tay true to who you are and what you like,鈥 while still being unique and not always sticking to the most common trends! (via Kristian Lynae Irey / Junebug Weddings)


7. Chalkboards: Another overdone wedding detail. With so many more creative signage materials out there, chalkboards are soooo last year. Our pro-planners love using mirrors, acrylic, lucite and wood in lieu of the traditional chalkboard. (via Kim Box / Perfectly Imperfect)


8. Choreographed Groomsmen: The groomsmen all dancing their pre-practiced number for the bride is something Sara would 鈥渂e okay not seeing anymore.鈥 While this is thoughtful and maybe once 鈥渃harming,鈥 it gets cheesy, real fast! There are alternative ways for the groomsmen to make the bride feel special without being so rehearsed and cheesy 鈥 like a personal speech or gift! (via Adam Nyholt / Style Me Pretty)


9. Blush and GoldColor Palette: Marina and Antonia can both agree that the blush and gold color palette has been done every possible way, and both are excited to see a new 鈥淚t鈥 color palette. We鈥檙e all anxiously awaiting Pantone to release the new colors for 2017! (via Amy and Jordan聽Photography)

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