When it comes to gifting this season, there are holiday wish lists, and there are holiday reality lists. We *want* to give our loved ones the high-end goodies they’ve been eyeing, but our wallets don’t always agree with us. Enter Neiman Marcus Last Call, AKA the answer to our shopping list woes. Last Call offers designer brands — we’re talking Michael Kors, Kendra Scott, Vince, THE WORKS — at consistently stellar prices, meaning we can afford to pick up these luxe items and even a treat or two for ourselves. Today, we’re teaming up with Last Call to bring you 23 luxurious gifts at values we can totally get behind. It’s like having our cake and eating it too. Or rather, having our cake and gifting it too :)


Let’s get gifting, peeps!


Confession: We’ve totally jam-packed this price category, because there are SO many


1. Merkury Innovations Gold Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ($40): This bluetooth baby is retro in all the right ways. We’re not sure what we like more about this portable speaker — the fact that it offers nonstop music playback *and* has a built-in microphone, or the old-school classic design. Good thing we don’t have to choose ;)


2. Neiman Marcus Leather Cosmetic Bags ($30-$45): These matching pouches mean one thing: No more foraging for toiletries in a cosmetic pouch rivaling Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. Each leather pouch serves a different purpose — from holding contact lenses to jewelry to pill boxes. And they come in an array of jewel tones, so you can mix and match a set to your giftee’s liking.


3. Beauty Bar Full Face Makeup Palette ($44): Introducing the Beauty Bar Full Face Makeup Palette, AKA all you’ve ever wanted in a makeup set. 70 (!) eye shadows, 12 lip gloss shades and four cheek colors, plus makeup tools and a mirror. The beauty combos are endless.


4. Xela Aroma Candle ($40): We’re not sure we’ve ever met someone who doesn’t appreciate a yummy scented candle, so these are a solid bet for that gal or guy who has everything. Each of these sleek soy candles is topped with unique agate stones. We’re all for candles that are just as appealing with the lid *on,* too.


5. Prada Mini 4-Piece Travel Set ($44): Prada, Prada, Prada. We love you so. Scoop up this travel set of Prada Candy, Candy L’Eau, Candy Floral and Infusion d’Iris for a downright killer value, and you’re sure to make your chicest friend’s day.


6. Lydell NYC Long Mixed-Crystal Multi-Drop Earrings ($30): We love watching the chandelier earrings trend evolve over the years. Nowadays we’re seeing big pops of color and modern shapes, meaning these gems aren’t just for fancy dinner parties anymore. We’re not mad about it :)


7. Posse Fur Pom Pom Key Chain ($38): This pom-pom is fun, flouncy and will make a cheeky addition to any bag. FYI, these fur balls come in an array of color combos too.


8. Lydell NYC Crystal Cluster Stud Earrings ($25): That pal who has gem jewelry for daaaays is no doubt going to love these crimson clustered studs. These earrings will add show-stopping sophistication to an evening ensemble, for a price that we can totally get behind.


9. Adrienne Landau Ombre Fur Pom Pom Scarf ($80): We all have that one friend who goes bananas for indulgent buys. This uber-luxe fur pom-pom scarf is sure to fit the bill — without putting too big a dent in your paycheck.


Fragrance, jewelry, slippers, oh my! These goodies are sure to impress your fancy friends and fam.


10. Patricia Green Velvet Slipper ($59): TBH, this one is on our personal wish lists too! Lush velvet slippers with charming, elegant graphics — what’s not to love? Psst: These slippers would also make the best #twinning gift, don’t you think?


11. Neiman Marcus Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag ($65): This bag hits all the trends we’re crazy about — suede, gold details, cobalt hues and just the right amount of fringe. A+ for totes with a sleek silhouette *and* a playful edge. We’ll take two ;)


12. Lanvin Rumeur Eau de Parfum ($65): There are some things you just can’t pass up, and for us, Lanvin perfume is one of them. Rumeur has notes of jasmine, magnolia, rose and orange, all housed in a bottle your giftee will def want to display. Elsewhere it’s $95; at Last Call it’s $65. Mic, dropped.


13. Jocelyn Feather Earmuffs ($70): Three cheers for playful winter accessories! These adorable earmuffs are made with real fur and velvet, and they’ll definitely make your giftee wish for snow. Or at least, a wintry photo opportunity ;)


14. Kendra Scott Dayla Oval Earrings ($60): Have we mentioned we love gem jewelry? These Kendra Scott beauties are made with 14 karat gold-plated brass and big jewels that won’t overwhelm your OOTD. We’ll take a set in every gem tone, please!


15. Portolano Cashmere Gloves ($55): Go ahead and name something more timelessly luxurious than cashmere gloves. Just try. We’re particularly smitten with these girly Portolano pairs. How cute are those li’l ring finger bows?


16. Adrienne Landau Knit Fox Fur Headband ($120): This wintry fur knit hair accessory is perfect for that friend who’s all for elegant Eastern European vibes. Forgive us while we indulge in this scenario, but how sweet would this headband be paired with a wool coat at the ice skating rink?!


17. Michael Aram Olive Branch Jewelry Box ($80): Pick up this elegant Michael Aram jewelry box for your well-accessorized friend so she can house her precious jewelry in something equally sophisticated.


18. BLK SMITH Felt Bluetooth Speaker ($65): Perfect for your minimalist all-gray-everything pal, this felt, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker was officially dubbed “dope” by our resident B+C bros. Translation: This gift is sure to make your dude friends super stoked.


19. Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Envelope Clutch Bag ($60): This here is the kind of clutch that makes you want to schedule a swanky night on the town just for an excuse to tote it. You know what we mean?


Scroll on to see our favorite lavish gifts that go the extra mile — for a fraction of the original price.


20. Vince Turtleneck Sweater ($259): There are cozy sweaters, then there are *cashmere* cozy sweaters. Odds are the lucky recipient of this Vince turtleneck won’t take this off until March.


21. KC Jagger Kendall Ostrich-Embossed Faux-Leather Rolling Bag ($210): We’re all for little somethings that make exhausting travel days just a bit more civilized. Pick up this faux ostrich leather rolling bag for that boss babe friend who’s constantly jet-setting.


22. Neiman Marcus Cashmere Star-Print Sweater ($185): Our ode to cashmere continues! This star-print pullover sweater was *made* for cozy lounging days. Scoop up this cashmere layer for the friend who makes bundling an art form.


23. Michael Kors Jet Set Watch ($195): Last and most definitely not least is the ever-popular Michael Kors watch. Last Call has a range of styles of these timeless time keepers, so you can pick one out for each of your favorite people.

There you go: 23 gorgeous, luxe gifts for values we can get behind. We won’t judge if you pick up some of these for yourselves :)

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