You know we’re all about bringing the party all summer long, and nothing says outdoor festivities under the stars like a killer string of party lights. With the right illumination, your party can last from sunrise to sunset and all the way to sunrise again ;)

1. Popsicle String Lights ($24): These are a sweet way to celebrate your favorite summer treat.

2. R2D2 Lights ($35): For those who believe in the force, channel your inner Jedi with these nerdy lights.

3. Red Cup Party Lights ($20): No party is complete without red solo cups, especially for all those rounds of flip cup.

4. Domo String Lights ($15): Domo likes to party, too!

5. Doctor Who String Lights ($20): A great gift for Anglophiles.

6. Galvanized Metal Star Lights ($40): These beautiful lights are sure to make any star-crossed night complete.

7. Paisley Paper Bulb Lights ($17): We love all the different patterns paper lanterns are available in, and these paisley ones just scream “garden party!”

8. Cotton Ball String Lights ($13): We wonder if you could create a DIY version of these using a similar method to our yarn lanterns.

9. Carved Wood String Lights ($17): For a more rustic, refined outdoor party style, we like the exotic look of these carved lights.

10. Pony String Lights ($19): My Little Pony meets Pony by Ginuwine? Maybe not but these lights made us think of both.

11. Wicker Globe String Lights ($30): These would like right at home next to a wicker porch swing and a cold pitcher of lemonade.

12. Carnival Chili Lights ($20): Ay carumba! Throw a fiery fiesta this summer with margarita cheesecakes, guacamole three ways, and jalapeño poppers!

13. Sea Glass LED Lights ($49): These gorgeous lanterns make us think of Sebastian, Flounder, and Ariel.

14. Chevron Paper Lanterns ($17-$30): Chevron in party light form? Yes please!

15. Lead Wire LED Lights ($16): These are so tiny that they could also help you make a wearable illuminated party dress!

16. Mini Lantern String Lights ($31): How quaint and cute are these lantern-inspired lights?

17. Diamond Lights on Silver Wire ($12-$79): Available in a variety of different lengths, these sparkly beauties shine bright like diamonds. (Cue Rihanna.)

18. Beaded Barrel Lights ($13): We love the textured look of these barrel lights.

19. Iridescent Bulb Lights ($13): These make us think of all the lights and lanterns you see in Chinatown.

20. Pink Heart Paper Lights ($15): Bookmark these for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and Valentine’s Day.

21. Cupcake Lovers String Lights ($46): That’s right. The cupcake trend has made it onto the string lights scene, thanks to Etsy, of course ;)

22. Paper Disc String Light (£48.00): Another one we’d love to try recreating, these paper discs would work nicely with a white paper fan garland.

23. Industrial String Lights ($40): We love the idea of color blocking our backyard with a bunch of these lights in different colors.

24. Pizza Lights (unavailable): We are extremely sad that these are no longer available – consider this our plea to ModCloth. Bring them back!

Already have lights that need a little creative love? Check out our tutorial on 10 Ways to Trick Out Party Lights.

Any favorites from the list? Other ones we need to check out? Talk to us in the comments below.