This Saturday marks a historic day as hundreds of thousands of women from around the world will gather in their respective area codes to stand up for equality. These fab femmes will bring their partners, friends and families and band together to show support for womankind and march against those who threaten the feminist movement — namely, president-elect Donald J. Trump and his administration. And these queens will be carrying signs. Lots and lots of signs. So if you’re looking for the perf sign, we’ve got you covered with downloadable and printable artwork (many of which are free!). Scroll down to find the right statement and remember: Wherever your march is taking place, it’s def important to be prepared and have plenty of feminist flair (obvi). And if you can’t make it — don’t fret! There are plenty of other great ways to get involved.


1. Women’s March Carmen Perez Sign (Free): If you don’t know Carmen Perez, you should. This thirty-six-year-old Army vet is an inspiring female activist working to address and promote change in today’s civil rights issues.


2. Credo “Feminism Is Another Word For Equality” Sign (Free): This sign was designed by Credo mobile, an amazing company that provides phone service and then donates millions to non-profits. Because all humans deserve to be treated equal.


3. HowiedoDesigns The Future Is Still Female Sign ($5): We can’t even with how cool and iconic this sign is. It features the iconic safety pin symbol, lightning bolts, the female symbol *and* a power fist. #Winning


4. Simone Monrad Women’s Rights Sign (Free): Designed by a female San Francisco artist, this sign is the epitome of feminine beauty while being powerful and direct. This graphic is both march-worthy and frame-worthy.

il_570xN.1124373934_794e Cropped

5. BootsTees “Hear Me Roar” Feminist Sign ($6): Make your voice heard with this fierce Katy Perry-approved message. Just be sure to sing and chant, “‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roarrrrr.”


6. ChuckCharlieDesigns 2017 Protest Sign ($5): Show your support for multiple movements with this patriotic-colored sign. Not only is it eye-catching, but you can probably use it again and again.


7. drawnbymary Audre Lorde Quote Sign ($5): This Audre Lorde quote sign is both beautiful and powerful — just like you! March with your ladies and make it known that you are not free while any woman is unfree.


8. YankeeDimeCreations Impeach Peach Sign ($1): Isn’t this statement piece just a peach? Show your true feelings with this furry fruit sign and get it in pin form to rock all four years.


9. drawnbymary This Sh*t Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S Sign ($5): A Gwen-inspired sign is right for so many reasons. We love how the combo of bright yellow and rad lettering mixed with profanity and a fruity statement phrase really says it like it is here.


10. HowiedoDesigns Women’s March Sign ($5): Rainbow stars and side profiles of gorg women make this sign super stunning. Dress in rainbow colors to properly display your statement sign and winning look.


11. MaPantz Nasty Woman Sign ($1): What started as a misogynistic remark turned into fuel for the fire of the modern-day women’s movement. We are nasty women, loud and proud.


12. drawnbymary We Came to SLAY the Patriarchy Sign ($5): Stand with Queen Bey against chauvinism. Because we came to slay every. damn. day.


13. HowiedoDesigns Women’s March Protest Sign ($5): Support *everything* Trump is against to make sure your message is crystal clear. This will be the perfect sign for almost any Trump-related march coming up.


14. Join the Uproar “Stay Nasty” by Jessica Duong Sign (Free): This sign seems like it’s straight out of Broad City and we can almost picture Abs and Ilana marching with this baby in hand. The classic reference and simple yet loud lettering make it a spot-on sign choice.


15. Women’s March On Washington Sign (Free): Whether or not you’re marching in Washington, this sign will be one for the history books and *totes* frame-worthy. Iconic, revolutionary and lovely all rolled into one awesome sign.

il_570xN.1170563269_3001 Cropped

16. BootsTees Women’s Rights Sign ($6): This one’s for all the mamas out there (and the someday mamas too)! Declare your commitment to raising strong girls with this outspoken sign.


17. Dome Collective “I’m With Her” Sign (Free): We were with Hillz before and now we must stay together. The simplicity of this sign is fab and the arrows pointing out to all women is dramatic AF.


18. HowiedoDesigns Hillary Clinton Quote Poster ($5): Possibly the most resonant HRC message: “Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving.” This one will remind the littler gals what’s really important these next four years (and beyond!).

JenniferMaravillas-OurBodiesOurMinds-2 Cropped

19. The Amplifier Foundation “Our Bodies, Our Minds” Sign (Free): Declare your freedom of choice with this sign. Whether physical or mental, we are powerful beyond measure. Never forget that.


20. Join the Uproar “Okay Ladies Now Let’s Get in Formation” Sign (Free): Channel your inner ‘Yonce once more with this song lyric sign that’s oh-so-march-appropriate. Another amazing sign designed by another amazing female artist!

JessicaSabogal-WomenArePerfect-1 (1)

21. The Amplifier Foundation “Women Are Perfect” Sign (Free): With a likeness to the style of Shepherd Fairey’s Obama “Hope” poster, this sign is beyond beautiful. There’s so much to love — from the darling little gal to the fern adornment to the simple message: “Women are perfect.” Truth.

Tia_WomensMarch_Poster (1)

22. Tia We Stand Together Women’s March Sign (Free): Women of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes will be marching together so why not hold a sign that shows this in bright colors?! We stand together, march together and support each other.


23. HowiedoDesigns Girls Just Wanna Have Funding for Planned Parenthood Sign ($5): This updated Cyndi Lauper song lyric is both clever and crucial. And with the loss of funding for Planned Parenthood, women globally will lose access to reproductive health services.


24. Join the Uproar Fight Like a Girl Sign (Free): What once was an insult is now a term of empowerment. Fight like a girl because chicks kick ass!

il_570xN.1170946447_as09 Cropped

25. BootsTees “My Body My Choice My Rights” Sign ($6): Make it known that you control your own choices with this pro-femme sign. We march for the right to choose and for equality.


26. HowiedoDesigns Nasty Women Unite Sign ($5): Regardless of your background or color, we are *all* nasty women. Rock this sign in solidarity with all of lady kind.


27. Join the Uproar “My Body My Choice My Country My Voice” Sign (Free): Show your support for women’s reproductive rights with this colorful sign complete with a power pink background. We love the femme-moji’s that this sign features — now to add them to Apple’s next update.

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