When you鈥檙e craving a tasty drink, the last thing you want to do is rummage through your cabinets or hunt down a random ingredient at the grocery store. Ranging from creamy to icy to fruity to spicy, these easy three-ingredient cocktails will keep you boozy all year 鈥檙ound. They鈥檙e perfect for just about any occasion, whether it be a birthday celebration, an outdoor summer party or even a cozy night in.


1. Vodka Sunrise Shot: This vodka and OJ pairing will make you love everything about a tequila sunrise (sans tequila, of course). Shots this good are sure to add a kick to any brunch, lunch or nighttime pre-game. (Photo via Kelly Logan)


2. Adult Root Beer Float: Grab some quality vanilla bean ice cream and a full-bodied stout with notes of coffee and chocolate, then combine them to create this delicious, creamy drink that does double duty as a drunken dessert. (Photo via Amanda Gajdosik)


3. Grapefruit Mimosas: These grapefruit mimosas are shaker-, pour spout- and garnish-free. They鈥檙e also the perfect addition to breakfast in bed and are sure to add a sparkle (and a buzz!) to your morning. (Photo via Kelly Logan)


4. Orange +聽Ginger Infused Wine: This white wine recipe is so simple, it can transform a cheapo bottle of Pinot Grigio into a beverage worthy of a #treatyoself outing. Impress your friends with a sensational blend of orange and ginger. (Photo via Savannah Carter)


5. Pi帽a Colada: Take a sip, close your eyes and take yourself on a spring break vacay with this classic Pi帽a Colada. Side note: This is also very enjoyable as an alcoholic popsicle. (Photo via Keni Lin)


6. Mason Jar Moscow Mule: Whether you鈥檙e gathered around a campfire or you鈥檝e just scaled a mountain after a long hike, the rustic Moscow Mule delivers the cool and refreshing drink you鈥檙e searching for. (Photo via Keni Lin)


7. Hot Mint Chocolate Toddy: Welcome fall with open arms and create your own apr猫s ski routine with a hot mint chocolate toddy to accompany you and Netflix. (Photo via Keni Lin)


8. Drunken Snow Cones: Instead of feeling like an old grouch about all the snow on the ground, put that white icy fluff to use with the help of some booze. (Photo via Dan Dao)


9. College Beer Cocktail: Meet the 鈥grapefruit radler,鈥 your new go-to drink and/or soulmate. Fancy? No, but it鈥檒l do just the trick. (Photo via Natalie Van Brunt0)


10. Moscato + Sprite Sipper: Make this sweet three-ingredient drink for your date, your friends or just for yourself. No matter how you鈥檙e celebrating, this is one glass you won鈥檛 want to miss out on. (Photo via Adam Weiss)


11. Tea-Infused Beer: Believe it or not, throwing a tea bag in a glass of beer totally transforms its taste. The leaves add a whole new flavor dimension, making the beer creamy and caffeinated. (Photo via Stephanie DeVaux)


12. Dirty Shirley: Everyone鈥檚 favorite childhood drink just got even better. Bring on the cherry garnish. (Photo via Marissa Arnett)


13. Irish Coffee: Who needs plain old milk and sugar when you have Irish cream? For this, just pour a shot of Irish cream into a regular cup of coffee. You鈥檙e welcome. (Photo via Phoebe Melnick)


14. The Costco Margarita: Amp up Margarita Mondays with this affordable Costco cocktail. Sometimes a cheap happy hour is indeed the happiest hour of all. (Photo via Katherine Richter)


15. Jell-O Shots: Jell-O shots are easy to make, but require a little patience. When these little guys are ready, you鈥檒l be happy you waited. (Photo via Marissa Arnett)


16. Double Layered Shots: Prepping for your team鈥檚 tailgating party doesn鈥檛 have to involve a ton of planning 鈥 especially not if these drinks are on the menu. (Photo via Margaret Weinberg)


17. Aperol Champagne Cocktail: This colorful drink is popular in Italy, where it鈥檚 sipped before meals as an aperitif. Much like pasta, this is an Italian tradition we鈥檒l cherish. (Photo via Tarika Narain)


18. Floral Champagne: Get sophisticated with this simple and tasty cocktail that鈥檚 super easy to make. All it calls for is some champagne and elderflower liquor. (Photo via Tarika Narain)

Have any other easy cocktail recipes? Let us know in the comments!