We’re big believers in not judging a book by its cover, but in the case of these plain canvas notebooks we just had to add something extra that yells, “There’s some really good stuff in here!” And what better way to get ourselves in a creative mood for sketching, note taking, and scribbling than a big splash of watercolor on the cover!


We teamed up with the lovely folks at Michaels to bring this color-charged DIY to the attendees at Re:Make 2015’s Conference Day. Request an invite HERE to join us on Friday, September 11th, 2015, and you’ll receive all the supplies you need to make one of these notebooks for FREE!


 canvas notebook
watercolor pan set
paint brushes
Sharpie® Markers (optional)


1. Wet your paintbrush, and dip it into your first color paint.

2. Paint a watercolor design onto your notebook.

3. Spread and dilute the paint by adding more water.

4. When your notebook is halfway dry, add a few extra brush strokes of paint for some more saturated pops of color.

5. Let dry completely for an hour or so before use.

6. Optional step: Add extra patterns or words onto your fully dried notebook with a Sharpie.


Grab a canvas notebook, watercolors, brushes and pens, and lets get painting!


First off, how beautiful is this color palette? Dive in with a wet paint brush and the color of your choice to get started.


Start painting in your color, one brush stroke at a time. To spread and dilute the color, dip your paint brush back into the water and blend the color outwards.


After you’ve painted your first layer, let it dry about halfway (15 minutes or so), and then go back in with a few more brush strokes in the same color.


As you can see, this will give your notebook an extra saturated pop of color! For this simple watercolor design, we brushed on a rainbow of colors running mostly in one direction (from the bottom left to the upper right hand corner), with a few lines running the opposite way for interest.


Let your notebook dry completely for an hour or so, and add a cool phrase, lyric, pattern or other scribbles to the cover in Sharpie. You may want to sketch out your spacing in pencil first before diving in with ink.


For this second design, we painted a rainbow of horizontal bars, inspired by these swanky scarves, for a color chart look that is artist approved.


And we couldn’t resist the opportunity for a watercolor palm print on this third notebook. Be sure to make those palms pop with some extra brush strokes of saturated color at the end.


There you have it! Three vibrant journals for a vibrant creative (yes that’s YOU).


I AM CREATIVE. Say it loud and proud ladies and gents!


Now that you’re in a creative mood, put that notebook to work, and start scribbling down some ideas, big or small.


Can you tell we’re excited about these? ;) Request an invite to Conference Day at Re:Make 2015 HERE and make one of these for FREE with us on Friday, September 11th, 2015.

This post is a collaboration with Michaels.

DIY Production and Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Chris Andre

Model: Camille Santa Ana Jose