You guys! We have the ultimate collection in the B+C Shop for scooping up goodies that won’t break the bank. By the way, you can thank us later for giving you more room in your budget to find a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, dabble with must-try beauty products, or book your next vacation.

Introducing our 30 Under $30 collection. You guessed it: 30 items we love for $30 and under. Score!


Now go ahead and check out 12 awesome buys from the 30 Under $30 collection. Guilt free!

1. Oh Kale Yeah! Tee ($20): Well, the tee says it all, but we’re pretty sure this super-soft t-shirt is a must-buy.

2. Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30): Believe it or not, you can get a 14-inch modern wall clock for just $30. And it’s made by you!

3. Twilight Cotton Hamper ($30): This printed hamper is the perfect find for your spring cleaning and organizational needs.

4. Honest Acronyms Sticky Pad ($12): Combine your love of stickies, list-making and tidiness with this honest-to-goodness sticky pad.

5. Abstract Scarf ($18): A splash of color and pattern makes this scarf an excellent springtime accessory.

6. You’re Soy Amazing Candle ($18): This candle is soy amazing! Plus, it has 40-50 hours of mood-lifting burn time.

7. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): Can you believe these beautiful marbled trays are handmade? By YOU.

8. Garden Party Marshmallows ($8): Get a taste of springtime with seasonal boxes of marshmallow goodness.

9. All In A Week’s Work Notebook ($20): A watercolor calendar that lets you collect your thoughts, to-dos and social events in a timely manner.

10. Beer Can Glass ($15): A glass modeled after your favorite can of beer. Because it’s classier to drink beer out of a glass, right?

11. Color Pop Wooden Necklace ($24): A pretty springtime statement necklace that’s complete with hand-painted wooden beads.

12. Sharpener Desk Tidy ($30): Clutter, be gone. Here’s a desk-tidy that adds an old-school touch to your den, office or workspace.


What did you scoop up from the 30 Under $30 collection? Give us the deets in the comments section below.