Finding the right pair of jeans is no easy feat. Anyone who doesn’t have model proportions (ahem, like 90% of us) knows the struggle of trying on five different styles of denim in various sizes all to end up walking away empty-handed. With so much trouble shopping for denim IRL, purchasing a pair online feels kind of like swiping right on Tinder – you never know what you’re going to end up with. It’s a real risk that only the bravest of the brave are willing to take – until now.


Taking a cue from Warby Parker’s business model, online retailer, AYR is offering a trial program for one of their denim styles. Head on over to the site and select up to three different sizes of AYR’s skinny jean for $1 a pair. You’ll then have one week to test out the denim before deciding whether or not to purchase (all retail at $175).

Not only does this idea allow you to skip a trip to a brick and mortar shop, it also allows you the chance to try on and actually WEAR the jeans outside of those tiny boxes we call fitting rooms. You can do it in the comfort of your own home with other pieces of your wardrobe. You’ll even have a chance to wear them around all day to test how they stretch out and stay up throughout the day.


Currently, the only pair available for at-home try-on is the skinny, slim-fit style in a classic deep-indigo dark wash. But considering the brand has already shelled out about 450 pairs since the program’s launch in February, we’re guessing more styles will soon be available for week-long test runs. Obviously finding a great pair of skinnies is a must, but the feature would also be super useful for styles you like but aren’t so sure about – like AYR’s slouchy, wide leg trousers or battered-looking, slouchy jean.

This has us wondering, what if this tactic was adopted by some of our other favorite (more affordable) online retailers like Urban Outfitters, Levi’s or Zara? If businesses were finally able to take that “what if it doesn’t fit” mindset away from customers, that could mean big things for the already booming online marketplace.

Would you like to see more online retailers try out this idea? Share with us in the comments below.

(h/t Refinery29, photos via AYR)