Spike Your Sweets: ROOT Beer Float Shooters
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Spike Your Sweets: ROOT Beer Float Shooters

If we had to describe our ideal root beer float in two words, they would be: mini and boozy. And these are those floats! Today is National Root Beer Float Day (yes, there is a day for everything), so we’re celebrating with these single-serving floats made with one of our favorite spirits—ROOT from Art in the Age.

Did you know that root beer was originally called “root tea” and was alcoholic? It was during temperance movement that the alcohol was removed and the name was changed to root beer. We applaud Art in the Age for bringing the booze back, and we’ll be celebrating National Root Beer Day with these shooters from now on.


– vanilla bean ice cream

– ROOT (available to order here)

– root beer

Special equipment:

– Mason jar shot glasses (Though any shot glasses will do.)


1. Using a melon baller or tablespoon, put one scoop of vanilla ice cream in each shot glass.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of ROOT to each shot glass.

3. Top with your favorite root beer. It’s key to add the ROOT first, then the regular root beer—the carbonation essentially mixes the float.

4. Add another tablespoon of vanilla ice cream and a straw, and serve.

The melon baller is the perfect scoop size for these little shot glasses. We especially like that they say “Shots” on the front.

All it takes is a splash of ROOT, up to 1 tablespoon. You’ll be tempted to just use ROOT, but you’ll need the carbonation of the root beer to make it a true float.

Top it off with root beer, until the foam reaches the neck of the shot glass.

One more mini scoop of ice cream.

Almost ready!

We cut our striped straws in half so they fit the mason jars perfectly.

It gets even better as the ice cream starts to melt.

It won’t take long before the first batch is gone, and it will be time to make more.

What’s your favorite kind of float? Tell us in the comments!