You can 3D print anything from canoes to ankle replacements to matching shoes and dresses these days. You probably knew that you could 3D print a replica of yourself… but did you know you could bring the best the Internet has to offer to your desk or mantel with the power of PLA filament? Shapeways kicked off our Monday with a Tweet of a sweet little Grumpy Cat figurine, and we thought we’d keep the Tech Tuesday spirit alive with a look at their collection of 3D printable memes that will have you saying: Wow. Such 3D. Very share. Much tech.

1. Dolla Dolla Bill, Y’all Sloth ($20): Reppin’ it for the gangsta animal in all of us.

2. Grumpy Cat (22): This forlorn feline comes in full bod…

… or bust versions ($34).

3. Success Kid ($16): Do we give trophies anymore? This should be the new trophy.

4. Pharrell’s Hat ($10): Fit for your fashionable finger, no red carpet required.

5. Awkward Moment Seal ($15): We’ve all been there, dude.

6. Doge ($20): Even the eyes are perfect on this diggity-doge! Wow.

7. Honey Badger ($25): We found something honey badger does give a s*** about — 3D printing technology.

8. Socially Awkward Penguin ($14): The ultimate icebreaker for all of your awkward encounters.

9. Hipster Kitty ($115 in stainless steel): Hipster Kitty had a MakerBot Replicator 0.

10. Actual Advice Mallard Duck ($15): The wise waterfowl can guide you on all of your life journeys and life hack queries.

What meme cracks you up every time? What (besides fun + games) would you use a 3D printer for? Share any 3D printing projects you’ve taken on below or Tweet us @BritandCo!