We know we don’t need to tell you that 3D printing is pretty much the coolest thing since, well… ever. But this new invention will allow you to do more than you’ve ever imagined with a home 3D printer. The Discov3ry Extruder is a universal paste extruder, which basically means that it’s a high-tech sidekick that can enable your lean, mean printing machine to go way beyond printing in plastic, utilizing new materials like silicon, wood filler, ceramic and even Nutella!

You won’t believe how easy it is to use: Just hook the brick-shaped expansion system up to the 3D printer in your life — it’s compatible with most desktop models — and start experimenting with the thousands of unique materials it can emit. Set up the print perimeters for your next project or prototype (that’s TBD info from creators Structur3D Printing, regarding materials they’ve already tinkered with,) then watch as the accessory forces your filament stand-in out of reusable syringes, through a feed tube and out of an extruder tip which is mounted to the printed head. Each DE comes with a cartridge starter kit that contains food-safe syringes, food-safe plastic tubing, lock/tubing connectors and lock tips. It also contains a wide variety of tip shapes + sizes to create whatever designs you can dream up.

Consider your Discov3ery Extruder + 3D printer your party prep saviors: Print out intricate cake toppers made out of royal icing or program it to create entire treats made out of Nutella (both like you see above). Even make it squeeze out multiples of batter for cake pops or dough for mini pizzas (what a time saver!). Then once the hours d’oeuvres are taken care of, switch out your cartridge with ceramic and use your DE to print your party favors like place card holders, bud vases, votive holders… can you tell we’ve already made a wish list? Obviously, that’s just the beginning.

It should be extremely easy for you to try out a new material that hasn’t been printed with the DE before. The team behind the Extruder is committed to working with the user community to collaborate, share project ideas and innovate with new materials. In a world where makers are gonna make, the creative possibilities for using this tool are seriously limitless.

We’re pretty much in awe: Now one machine can switch up from printing silicone molds to clay jewelry to who knows what with conductive paint! According to the product’s Kickstarter campaign, the trick to turning your Makerbot into an all-in-one dream machine was “in separating the ‘pastruder’ from the print head carriage.” Our maker hearts melt when we hear of take-it-apart/put-it-back-together-better hacks like this <3. Good news then: The Discov3ry Extruder has already far exceeded its original Kickstarter goal of $30,000, and you can hook up the tool as early as this fall for a pledge of $299. The other good news: If you pledge $50 to the campaign, they’ll send you a picture of your Facebook profile picture printed in Nutella. Count us in!

Are you in too? What are your thoughts about the Discov3ry Extruder? How would you use it in your home? Tell us in the comments below.