[NOTE: We’re currently only delivering to San Francisco but are looking into shipping other places, stay tuned!]

Are you looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day with a TSFW (totally suitable for work) gift? Forget the candy (we just spent January working OFF the holiday weight gain). Who needs teddy bears (they peaked with Care Bears anyway). Skip the bouquet of flowers (they just wilt).

Instead, why not send your Valentine 3D-printed roses? That’s right! We’re partnering with TaskRabbit to add a tech twist to Valentine’s Day and offer you a chance to get in on the hottest trend that’s come out of CES in a long time — 3D printing means your best Valentine’s Day yet! It’s like a singing telegram… but without the singing and with these poppin’ 3D roses ;)

We’ve been busy spooling up 3D printed roses for weeks now in our recently re-opened Brit + Co Shop just in time for Valentine’s Day. For those of you here in San Francisco, your very own TaskRabbit Cupid will hand deliver them to your Valentine on February 14th!

From the classic single stem to a large dozen-roses display of affection – we have three options available to satisfy your gift giving needs. A single rose, tied with ribbon is available for $15 (plus $10 delivery fee). A half-dozen roses tied in a bouquet will run you $45 (plus $10 delivery fee). We will also have a bouquet of a dozen roses available, in an adorable mason jar vase (and you know how we love mason jars) for a cool $100. Delivery for the dozen is on us.

Head here to snag your roses today! Supplies are *super* limited, so be sure to pre-order. Personal delivery is limited to San Francisco proper. For those of you who would like to handle your own delivery, 3D-printed roses are for sale at the Brit + Co SF everyday from now until Valentine’s Day.

Mad props to the original designer of the 3D rose and stem, Tony Cervantes.

What tech twist are you adding to your Valentine’s Day gift this year? Tell us in the comments below!