With a new year comes new innovations, and we can’t help but turn to our old friend Kickstarter for fresh inspiration. Last year saw all sorts of record-breaking products finally making it onto shelves, like the Pebble the Joey Bra, and the Ostrich Pillow.

Our predictions for this year on Kickstarter? More gadgets and apps that track health and physical activity, more wearable tech, and tons of 3D printing. But first, here are 5 new projects we’re digging.

1. Modo: A modular system for all of your various electronics and desk essentials. We love this because you can move the pegs around in any configuration, making it easy to organize any size and combination of cards, tablets, phones, etc.

2. iPen 2: We know, we know, you’re thinking to yourself, another touchscreen stylus? But wait, there’s more. This works with a special receiver to make it a stylus that works on your iMac as well. That’s right – on your desktop!!

3. Monkey Kit Tablet Stand: This one is like a Gorilla Pod for your iPad. While we dig all the tablet cases that double as stands, sometimes those don’t quite do the job. This super flexible tripod for your tablet makes it easy to use your tablet in just about any situation.

4. Mauz: Finally, a gadget that turns your smartphone into a mouse! Great for presentations and that sort of thing but really really good for the whole no-cable thing. Plug your computer into your TV, queue up Hulu or Netflix, and mauz away!

5. Good Night Lamp: This pair of lamps is designed to make you feel connected to long distance loved ones. Described as a “physical social network,” you can use the lamps to just say hello (turn yours on and your lamp buddy’s lamp will also turn on), to see if someone’s up and ready for a Skype session, etc. Definitely an interesting take on staying connected.

And be sure to check out some of our other favorite finds like the Transparent Speaker and Boobypack, which are still looking for funding!

What cool products have you discovered thanks to Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments below.