If you feel totally unsatisfied with where you are in your life, despite having a fab job at a company where everyone wants to work, a handful of super solid BFFs, and a gorgeous engagement ring, you’re not alone. We talked with Jorge Cruise, a celebrity trainer, coach, and New York Times-bestselling author, who tells us that many people feel the same way. Whether your emotions stem from social media envy or you’re just interested in doing things differently than you are now, you’ll appreciate Cruise’s five rules to help you design a life you truly love.

1. Accept yourself. “Don’t let negative feelings take over or stop you from making improvements to live the life you dream about,” Cruise says. “Peel back the layers of who you are, and accept yourself. Don’t let negative affirmations take over and keep you from making improvements. Learn to love your imperfections, because we all have flaws. When you love yourself more, you’ll start a healthy cycle of self-love.” Cruise tells us this will help you with health, work, and relationships, making your life much happier overall.

2. Whatever you do, don’t settle. “Decide not to live a life that doesn’t align with your values, interests, and passions,” Cruise says. “If you feel like you’re settling in any way, it’s probably time to make some changes.” He suggests being super intentional about living a life you love and make sure that each thing you do has meaning and impact. “Without passion, there’s no purpose,” he says. To put this principle into practice, think carefully about each decision you make. That might mean saying goodbye to a partner whose aspirations don’t align with yours, or turning down a job that doesn’t offer what you need to be happy, like working remotely from time to time. It’s your duty to define your path, and you’re totally capable of doing it.

3. Choose a job that complements your personality. Cruise says purposefully choosing work that suits your personality can be key in creating a life you love. “Are you shy or reserved? A career that forces you to be outgoing might not bring you joy,” Cruise explains. Instead, choose opportunities that *enrich* who you are at your core. “Be sure to find the path that resonates in you,” he says.

4. Focus on your health. You’ll need energy to tackle all of your goals while you bring your dreams to life. To maintain a continuous boost, focus on your health — everything from eating well and exercising regularly to getting good sleep and working to maintain mental wellness. “We’re all guilty of getting thrown by the chaos of life or feeding into negative behavior,” Cruise says. “Avoid suppressing emotions and self-medicating with food, television, or alcohol. Instead, change your direction, and utilize exercise to raise serotonin and dopamine levels; it’ll help your biochemistry.” Lifting your mood can be as easy as turning on your favorite song and dancing for 10 minutes.

5. Be selfish. Taking care of your needs is key when it comes to designing a life you love, and Cruise is a huge advocate for setting aside the time and thought it takes to make sure you’re satisfied. “Think of the oxygen masks on planes,” Cruise says. “You have to put your mask on first before you can help others.” It’s truly impossible to help others if your battery is running low. Cruise reminds us that it’s okay to allow ourselves to be selfish because that’s how we become the best friend, sibling, teammate, and employee. Great advice.

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