5 Times This RL Instagram Star’s Hair Put Rapunzel to Shame
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5 Times This RL Instagram Star’s Hair Put Rapunzel to Shame

When’s the last time you had a haircut? The stylist-recommended six to eight weeks? A few months? A whole year? Chances are, Instagram (have you tried stories yet?) star @madamekush has us ALL beat — girl recently told Vogue she hasn’t chopped her locks in five. YEARS.

Now rocking — get this! — 3’7” of hair on her 5’6” frame that takes 30 minutes to wash and five to eight hours to air-dry (blow-drying is no longer an option, she says), Rapunzel has NOTHING on Madame Kush.

See for yourself with five of her most Rapunzel-like moments below!

1. When she used her hair as a mermaid bra: Madame Kush’s hair is so long, it not only acts as a mermaid bra, it extends way past, reaching all the way down to her mid-thigh.

2. When she rocked the longest pony ever: Rocking ponys with this much hair is no easy feat: She told Vogue that any longer than a few hours will give her a headache of epic proportions.

3. When her hair was long enough for her to swing on: Madame Kush let her hair down at the park, and the result was long enough to cushion her seat on the swing — and then some.

4. When her hair was too long for her selfie: Instagram only allows so much photo in its square format, and Madame Kush’s hair was simply too long to make the cut in this robed selfie.

5. When  she needed help with her braids: Don’t be fooled by Madame Kush’s effortless twin braids: Girl told Vogue that her mom has to do them because she can’t reach that low!

What’s the longest you’d let your hair grow? Tell us over @BritandCo.

(h/t Refinery 29, photos via @madamekush)