Unless you鈥檝e been living under a rock, you know that the 2016 Rio Olympics have begun, kicking off with an epic catwalk strut by Gisele Bundchen. Already, the event has had its share of defining moments: From the broken leg felt 鈥榬ound the world to the best and worst uniforms of the opening ceremony, it鈥檚 clear this year won鈥檛 soon be one to forget. Just ask Leslie Jones, who is one of eight celebs repping her country HARD.

Perhaps one of the strangest events, however, has to be the case of what is now known as the #kayaksofa.

After Sky Sports journalist Paul Kelso reported on Friday that an Olympic kayaker had capsized after hitting a couch that was trapped underwater, Olympic spokesman Mario Andrada was said to be investigating the incident, but in the meantime, the story鈥檚 star subject 鈥 the sofa, of course 鈥 quickly became infamous on Twitter, earning an unconfirmed identity in the form of a purple and blue striped sofa.

The couch has become so big, in fact, that someone created its own Twitter handle, @riokayaksofa, and we鈥檝e gotta鈥 say, it鈥檚 pretty incredible.

Below, find a sampling of some of the sofa鈥檚 most shining of moments.

The kayak sofa makes its debut in pretty epic form.

It isn鈥檛 long before it was bringing the drams, though, pinning its ill-fated appearance on the Russians.

It took a moment to thank its supporters.

But was also quick to toot its own horn.

It fact, it鈥檚 even considering a run for office.

Okay, we鈥檙e kindddd of obsessed. But don鈥檛 let the hilarity fool you: This is one dangerous couch.

See what we mean?

Still, fingers crossed Kayak Sofa (or at least its Twitter account!) will keep us rolling for the entire Olympic games.

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(h/t Elite Daily, photo via @grebnoykanalkzn)