The new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is giving us all kinds of feels (OMG the first trailer!), especially about our own moms. Lorelai and Rory’s relationship was one of the things that made us love the original series — they were as much BFFs as they were mother and daughter. Our moms are many things — #girlbosses, champions of body positivity and even hipsters — but first and foremost, they’re our number one fans. And though our relationships with them might change over the years, you’ll always have each other’s backs. Read on for six ways you can stay in touch with your mom, no matter the time or distance.


1. Write letters. It’s true: Texting, talking on the phone and FaceTime are all great ways to keep an open line of communication with someone. However, taking the time to craft a handwritten letter is a great way to show your mom that you want to keep her in the loop. And as a bonus, it gives her a keepsake and excuse to dig back into your childhood memory box!

2. Have a standing girls weekend. Especially if you have siblings, taking the time for a weekend getaway with your mom will create a Lorelai and Rory-worthy tradition. Having uninterrupted quality time together will ensure that you stay in touch no matter how busy you are day-to-day.

3. Establish a routine. Now Friday dinners every week might be a stretch. But no matter how you choose to stay in contact with your mom, make it regular so you two can hold each other accountable to sticking with your updates.

4. Involve other family members. Mommy-and-me time has been the bomb since we were babies, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has to miss out on all the fun! If you have your own kids, invite them along for playdates with their grandmother so you all have time to bond.

5. Do what she enjoys. Your entire childhood was about you, so take some time to pay your mama back by doing things that she likes. Better yet, find something — getting your nails done, going for a hike — that you both enjoy.

6. Bond over books. You never stop needing your mom, but being an adult means that your relationship has changed. She might not be reading you bedtime stories, but you can still use books to bond over ideas, thoughts and inspirations, even if you’re far away.

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